6 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Ever look at someone and wonder how they can be so happy? I have talked about my own personal struggle with happiness; feeling as though happiness was something only the "lucky" ones were blessed with. But guess what-we are ALL the lucky ones! In truth its less about luck and more about our energy and the vibration we are sending out into the world. Change your vibration-change your world. 

Everything is comprised of energy-even our bodies, emotions and thoughts. When our thoughts or emotions are negative or heavy the vibration is far lower than when we are feeling hopeful and positive. When our vibration is low we emit a frequency which casts a shadow over our lives. Our experiences are shaped by our inner world and its impossible to be in alignment with peace and stability when our thoughts are expecting something to fall apart around every corner or with every knock at the door. 

The great news is that raising our vibration is really quite easy! I have put together 6 of my favorite ways to raise your vibration that are simple to put into place!

1. Meditate, meditate, meditate!

I know that right now many of you are ready to close out thinking "she said this shit would be simple" but give me just a moment. Meditation is actually quite easy if we can get out of our own way. We do not need to take a vow of silence, have a million "new-age" tools or sit quietly for hours upon hours in order for us to meditate "correctly". Sitting in a chair and listening to soothing music while closing your eyes for 5 minutes is just as effective as sitting for hours in robes and being surrounded by crystals (though I do recommend using crystals as they are a wonderful medicine to work with). If you feel really scattered than a guided meditation is tops for finding focus.

2. Spend some time in nature.

As the warmer months creep towards us now is the time to get outside and marvel at life poking up through just recently barren land. Breathe in deeply the fresh air that surrounds you and watch animals do their thing! Just a few minutes is all it takes to instantly lift our spirits and our vibration!

3. Watch your thoughts.

In every situation we have a choice in how we approach something. We can choose to let it take us down a path riddled with thoughts of doom and gloom or we can see the sunny side. Ultimately the thoughts we think have a HUGE impact upon our vibration and if we do not consciously work to think positively then we have no choice but to accept that our lives will be a reflection of our negative thoughts. Sorry, but no. I encourage us all to take charge of our life by taking charge of our thoughts!

4. Honor your body temple.

What we fill our bodies with will have a direct impact upon our vibration. When we choose healthy foods that are pure fuel for our physical and energetic bodies we raise our vibration significantly. Likewise if we eat nothing but greasy, butter laden, fried, processed foods our energetic and physical bodies become lethargic and toxic. Its not that we cannot enjoy rich foods-hell, tonight I made a giant pot of cacio e pepe and had no qualms with adding a little extra goat cheese. Its all about balance and while we can occasionally enjoy decadent foods they should not be mainstays to our diet. 

5. Watch who you surround yourself with.

We are all products of our environment and thanks to the mirror neuron we are constantly mimicking those around us. This means that its important we surround ourselves with quality people who are equally resolved to live positively and celebrate life and all its many twists and turns. I have seen first hand the side effects of surrounding yourself with negative people. Back when I believed that life was nothing but drama and struggle I saw that I chose to spend time with those we lived that way as well. When I began to shift my perspective many of these relationships died. Its not always easy to accept that those we care about may not be the best people to surround ourselves with but sometimes we need to limit our exposure to those who still wish to see the world as a palette of gray.  

6. Practice sacred selfishness.

We often suggest that selfishness is a character flaw and I strive to live a life and encourage others to practice what I call sacred selfishness. Sometimes we need to say "no" to something when our heart is not in it. We should delegate tasks and move things around so we can carve out some time for ourselves. Whether its taking a hot bath, dedicating an hour to getting lost in a good book or taking ourselves out for a hot date there is nothing that can raise our vibration more than the way in which we nurture ourselves. In a world where we are taught to put everyone before the self this can be a radical notion but I assure you that its a life changing practice. 

This world is vast and filled with so much rich opportunity. Happiness and wellness are not things that only some of us are allowed to have. We all can have access to that pool of greatness and live a life that is filled with passion and FUN! By making our energetic wellbeing part of our self care we increase our vitality, happiness and potential. Who doesn't want that?!

Make Magic Always,


Laura Brown