5 Do's & Don'ts of Navigating Mars Retrograde

On April 17th/18th Mars will begin its retrograde, lasting until June 29th/30th. Mars retrograde can feel a bit like walking through water- you know where you want to go but there is such resistance to just about everything that you quickly grow lethargic trying to make any progress. 

The red planet retrogrades every two years. Last time Mars retrograded  was March/May of 2014 through Libra. That transit was far more passive aggressive than this transit. This time Mars retrogrades first through Sagittarius and then through Scorpio. This lends a near volcanic energy to the event. 

Those ruled by Mars such as Aries and Scorpio will find themselves most affected. In this case perhaps in a more positive manner as it will be calming. Each will be less aggressive, impatient and more apt for sitting back and observing than pushing an agenda. 

In general we will all feel a bit more capable of detaching from personal feelings in order to see a situation from the larger picture but only if the environment is just right. If we are challenged, if we are pushed or otherwise triggered in some way the reaction is likely to be amplified.

The first phase of Mars' retrograde takes place in Sagittarius from 4/18-5/28 and carries with it a rather adversarial tone. We are lions on the prowl and its the thrill of the chase that will drive us. This is great for our libido (Mars rules sex and war!) and will have us running after anything which gives chase. The key is to 1) watch impulsivity (attached to another? May not want to go chasing tail just because it appears juicy) and 2) remember that anything started during this phase tends to fizzle out with this phase. 

As we move into the second phase of Mars retrograde through Scorpio on 5/28-6/30 the energy shifts to feast or famine. We are not allowing anything to stand in our way and are resolved to win at all costs. So much so that our blame game will be strong. We will find anything and anyone to blame the shit that goes wrong as long as it absolves us of any responsibility. 

So whats a Goddess to do during Mars retrograde? Well sit back, relax and let me run down 5 do's and don'ts of this phase. 

1. Save the drama for your mama.

When Mars is retrograde small matters become massive, foundation destroying, arguments at the drop of a hat! Now may not be the time to have contentious discussions especially if you are the initiator. The rule with Mars retrograde is that the initiator is often the loser-so unless you are prepared to admit defeat later chances are any arguments should wait until after 6/30.

2. Do compromise.

In the event, and lets face it with life the event is likely, that you cannot avoid contentious topics for 2 months then its time to put aside personal agenda and look at where you can compromise, safely. This is not about being a doormat but understanding that pursuing and making our personal agenda top priority is going to cause small issues to turn into massive issues. Instead work hard to find a middle ground that can respect the thoughts and feelings of everyone involved. 

3. Hold off on breaking up or divorce. 

If you are to initiate the break up or divorce chances are once Mars goes forward at the end of June you will regret your decision. On top of that our impulsivity in emotional matters is going to be off the hook so its best to wait on making decisions about our relationships until the emotional dust has settled. Popping off at the mouth that you want a divorce in the middle of a nasty fight may be satisfying in the moment but its not going to last much beyond that. 

4. Figure out what you want.

This is a great time for evaluating where you are at, whether it feels authentic and pleasing and if not dig into what changes you want to make. This is a fantastic opportunity for taking stock of what things and people you invest in. Are you getting a return on your investments or have things gone stale or even detrimental? I encourage you to get deeply in touch with what you want and see to it that when Mars goes direct again you have a plan to put in place to really create yourself and your world. 

5. Do not begin new things.

While now is a great time for taking stock of what you want out of life it is not the time to implement any new things. Anything started during Mars retrograde will immediately run into obstacles. When retrograde the flow of Mars and its strength, power and dedication is interrupted. This means that challenges, frustrations and glitches will plague new ventures of any sort right from the start. You want to give your great ideas the best launching pad so wait until you have the much needed oomph of Mars moving forward!

Now you are set up and loaded with tools to go through Mars retrograde empowered and ready! Retrogrades can certainly put a few challenges on the path but they also offer us a wealth of opportunity as well. Take some time evaluating how you can best use this transit before the fun begins on Sunday/Monday-trust me, you will thank me for it later!

With endless love,