New Moon Solar Eclipe: Buckle Up, Buttercup!

Today marks the new moon solar eclipse in Pisces; the fires are strong, eating away at all that is dead, useless and holding us back.  While normally I would not mention fire along with a transit in Pisces the fact is this transit has such a transformative effect one cannot help but see it as a raging fire burning through miles of shit that we have collectively held onto for lifetimes.


This new moon eclipse is releasing us from karmic patterns and offering up liberation on a plate so beautiful many of us will try to turn away at its sight. We do that often, don’t we? We are given everything we have ever asked for and then suddenly are too afraid to grab it and truly make it our own. We resist, we fight, we even denounce. And for what reason are we so afraid to take what we have always asked for? Fear of change. For so many its far easier to stay entangled in patterns which drain us of our vitality and passion. Its easier to think the thoughts we have always thought. To do as we have always done. To stay beholden to the same patterns and routines that we have made sacred even in its unholiness.


I have done it. You have done it. We have all done it at some point in our lives-some more than others. We fear change and the disruption it brings. We question whether we really want what we have been after in the face of the hard work and uncomfortable rough exterior that rubs against us whenever change is at our side. This new moon eclipse, however, is no fool. It’s a transit deeply aware of just how hard we cling to predictability. This moon knows how hard it must come at us if its is to break that grasp.


This new moon isn’t trying to be a dick-I believe that la lune is incredibly compassionate to our plight.  See this transit is not really about making us cry as we watch our predictable patterns and habits burn before our eyes. Its really about the liberation and the welcoming connection to ourselves.  We are being given the gift of connecting with our source, connecting with our truth and seeing our lives open up in unimaginable ways because of it. But to do so we must first release all that is clouding our vision and occupying precious space. These are fires of liberation more so than the destruction of anything worth having and though we may not enjoy this forced change it should come with some consolation that it is, ultimately, for our highest good.


What we can experience in the next two weeks is a massive and collective cleansing. Anything which leaves our lives during this time should be released. Wave goodbye and know that your milkshake brings all the boys, money, jobs, creativity etc. to the yard. This is a powerful time for taking a leap of faith and jumping on something new that you want for your being. If you are looking at the soot of all your past patterns and habits and wondering what to do, then let me tell you.


Stop trying to grab at that ish and put it back together. Accept where you are, exactly at that moment and breath deep. Get super comfortable with the pain. Get intimately aware of how it feels. Then let it go. Its not often we are given the chance of a lifetime with a clean slate. So think about who you have always dreamt of being. Think of all that you have ever wanted for yourself. Think about the direction you want your life to go in and then start picking up your feet. Surround yourself with those who support you. Find members of your tribe and begin to connect with them often. Hire those who are in a position to offer their guidance and support if you feel that you are navigating blindly. This is no time for the same old “I just can’t” rhetoric. Your beautiful plate of liberation is waiting for you to grab it. Your life is waiting to be lived, gloriously. 

Magic Awaits,


Laura BrownComment