Tarotscopes for February 8th-14th

I am back after a brief hiatus tending to some major articles that had to get done, done right and off for draft before print. The timing, however, couldn't be better as Monday February 8th marks the New Moon/Dark Moon in Aquarius!  Aquarius is getting an extra boost from Mars, Uranus and Lilith. This particular New Moon is like a giant lasso that is rounding up all of the planets in the galaxy. Expect BIG to be a theme this week. Big revelations, big opportunities, big emotions and more. Lots of "holy shit!!" moments are ahead this week so plan accordingly. The great news is that Aquarius is such a creative, heady type energy. We can really make some major strides when it comes implementing some new ideas if we think outside the box and do things "our" way. Stay away from that cookie cutter bullspit. 

So lets explore your Tarotscopes

The gist with these bad boys is to read your Sun, Moon and rising sign, if you know each. Many of us can tell our Sun sign a mere second after being asked but the others are not so commonly known so if you don't know yours then google free astro charts or if you are looking for a richer experience as you delve into the magic of your chart lets talk and set up an astrology reading!

Additionally if you were born within 7-10 days before the changing of signs read that sign as well. This is called a cusp and for example I was born March 18th 1981 which puts me on that cusp between Pisces and Aries so I would look into Aries scope as well. 

Lastly I DO read reversals in my readings and my scopes. Reversals are not all negative and even when they indicate a challenge I do not feel glossing over this is beneficial to myself much less my readers and clients. Our challenges is where the real growth takes place within our lives. 



The king of cups is reversed for you this week so expect that seeing clearly through the deluge of emotions will prove difficult. Typically this King is in total control of his emotions and able to understand the feelings of everyone around him while still making decisions which are fair and balanced. This week, however, your emotions are going to run the show and leave you unable to make practical or balanced decisions. Take time to process what you are feeing and why. Honor your feelings by giving them your awareness. This will assist you in releasing emotions that are running high so that you can avoid projecting on those around you. 

Mantra for the week ahead: I acknowledge my feelings but are not ruled by them. 



The Hierophant is encouraging you to stick to the tried and true this week. This is a card of belonging, status quo and following the rules. This is not the week to be overly innovated but rather to abide by what is expected of you. This may difficult, especially if you would prefer to challenge the beliefs or expectations around you. Sometimes we do not have any choice but to adapt to the rules and expectations placed upon us within certain structures. This is a part of learning to adapt to our environment. Even though you may not feel like fitting in the confines of rules and regulations this week you will find that doing so bring you a sense o 

Mantra for the week: This week I am a product of my environment.  



This week its imperative to take some time out for rest and renewal. The 4 of swords, reversed is a warning that if you do not rest and recoup of your own volition you will find yourself put in a position of forced retreat. You have been pushing yourself more and more and its time for some self care. We only have so much to give before we have to replenish and heal ourselves. This pause in the action may frustrate you as I am sure you list is long but trust me that it will prove to get you back up and running sooner than if you were to just try to barrel though. When we do not honor our bodies need for rest and a slower pace we are not nearly as effective in any of of the roles we embody. This week you are to put yourself, your wellbeing and your renewal at the top of the list of priorities. 

Mantra for the week: I honor my bodies need for rest by taking time out for myself. 



The seeds of a new job, idea or venture are planted this week with the ace of pentacles! Your mind is fertile and there is so much potential circulating right now. You could find this week brings news of a new source of income, promotion, or the manifestation of something you have been working towards for some time. This is a rich time, filled with potential and possibility so its important to put it to work. Because this is just the beginning its important to understand that there will need to be some planning and thought put into anything that is brought forth with this card. The ace of pentacles is not so much the promise that what comes up will prove successful in the long term so putting together a well thought out plan is your best chance of truly capitalizing on this energy now just this week but for weeks to ome. 

Mantra for the week: The Universe is opening to be fully and granting my wish. 



This week I encourage you to think things through and form a plan for what you desire in your life, Leo. This week the page of pentacles reversed indicates that this week you may lack long term vision and/or viable plans for a sustainable future. Whatever you've got going on be it related to work or personal life its imperative that you get quite clear on what you want and what you need to do in order to get there. Its not that there is a lack of potential around you, rather quite the contrary. It seems there is quite a bit of possibility around you but your mission this week is to establish a plan and get moving. Day dreaming about all of the fantastic things you can do is great but ends up resulting in zero progress if all you do is day dream. 

Mantra for the week: Plan and action will ensure I see progress in my life. 



This week you may find yourself engaging in conflict and dealing with tense situations. You may even actively seek out these conflicts and though you may feel that you have come out the victor you may end up losing far more than you gained because of alienating yourself and burning bridges. Th 5 of swords is a card that surely will make you feel as though you must go through your week suited in your amor and ready for battle. The thing to trust is that while conflict is not always desirable it can be beneficial. If you have been struggling with something you may find this weeks tension helps you to clear away and make room for something new and fresh. Lastly if you want to pay attention to your level of ambition. This card can sometimes bring out the shadow qualities of ambition where we feel justified in stepping on toes and otherwise behaving in a manner that is not above board. Be mindful of what you are after and why. Engage realistically with the relationship you have with your ambition and take an honest look at your motivations. 

Mantra for the week: I seek to have a healthy and balanced approach to any conflict I face.  



This week you run the risk of acting the fool, Libra. The Fool, reversed will increase the tendency to act and speak before thinking. Its important that before you take that first step or utter that first work you contemplate the long term impact of each. Will it enhance the peace and stability of your life or dismantle it? Will you alienate those you are about or draw them and their support closer? The Fool reversed is a reminder that sometimes taking an uncalculated risk is not the wisest decision. 

Mantra for the week: I have a deep and unyielding awareness that aids me at each step. 



You may feel like giving up this week and just throw your hands in the air out of frustration. The 7 of wands, reversed, leaves us feeling overwhelmed. You may feel that around every corner there s another obstacle or challenge that you must contend with. Competition is fierce and this can leave you each feeling a bit insecure and less rooted in your world. Sometimes this feeling is alerting us to something. If you have taken on too much or the things you have invested in are no longer serving you then it may be time to cut your losses. Sometimes, however, this feeling is a sign not that you cannot handle what is before you but that you need to create a sense of spaciousness rather than grasping. Knowing how to create space and not cling but still standing up for what you believe in will prove quite useful this week. 

Mantra for the week: I stand my ground and honor my boundaries. 



A lack of closure within your life may prove to be difficult to come to terms with this week, Sagittarius. You have been working hard and applying effort-thinking that all is on track and right as rain only to yet another delay. This could manifest in a variety of ways. You could find a work project could fail to reach its potential. A promotion you have been after could have been given to another. A relationship may come to a screeching halt and leave you feeling blind-sided.-There are a few ways of working with this energy. Firstly understand that sometimes delays do not mean that all is lost. You may merely need to apply a bit more effort in order to drive it home. Many times when it comes to relationships that are facing hard times I see this card as having some potential for reconciliation. Finally its important for each of us to remember that true closure is often times only found within. There is nothing that someone outside of us can say or do that will suddenly connect all the dots. Seek your own closure and release whatever is not meant to remain or become a part of your life. 

Mantra for the week: I accept things as they are and leave space for all that can be. 



This week you are on a quest for adventure! Your wander lust will be dialed on high with the knight of wands guiding the week ahead. This is a very passionate energy that will beg to be released in some form or another. This is a great energy for taking steps on the aspirations or goals that are most important to you as there is little you cannot do with such a motivating force. Not only will your get and go be strong but your commitment and dedication are equally showing up in spades. This is an energy that tells me that you will be a force to reckon with this week and the possibilities for what you can achieve are absolutely limitless. 

Mantra for the week: My potential is boundless!



The Ace of cups is a fantastic card for week ahead as it symbolizes a time when you will feel the swell of connection, emotion and possibility in your relationships. It could be a new relationship; the sort that gets your heart pumping and your mind twirling. It may also be a sense of reconnection and potential in an existing relationship. Either way its clear that you will feel a sense of hope in your relationships and in your life this week. You will experience a wonderful sense of fulfillment as your cup is not just full but overflowing. 

Mantra for the week: Holy smokes do I have some major things to be grateful for!



This week its important that you get your head out of the clouds, Pisces. The 7 of cups tells me that you have quite a bit of possibility around you but it actually may be too much. Too many options, too many choices and too much living in your head and not grounding your ideas here on Earth with some planning and action. With so many choices before you it can be difficult to narrow down which move is the right move. Right now I encourage a bit of deep meditation to get clear on what it is that you want for your life. Are you seeing things clearly or through rose colored glasses? Once you take an honest look at life as it is, get clear on what you want and focus on actionable steps and not just fantasy driven daydreams you will find that making a choice comes rather naturally. 

Mantra of the week: There is a time for daydreaming and a time for getting shit done. 


Have a wonderful and blessed week and of course keep an eye out for some Valentines day surprises coming to the site this week! 


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