Virgo Full Moon-Acceptance, Accountability, Opportunity

Today marks the full Wolf Moon, occurring in Virgo. It’s a potent Full Moon that places a bright spotlight on the responsibility we must face within our lives and especially in the habits and patterns we’ve established over the course of the past 6 months.


We will feel a great sense of trepidation, resistance even, to many of the messages brought forth by this Full Moon. We are being challenged to take fully accountability for where we are in order that we may see this not as blame from the universe but the opportunity to take an empowered approach that recognizes our incredible power in each and every moment of our lives.


We are the creatrix of our day, week and month. We bring to each moment a wondrous creative and magical ability to craft moments which either illuminate, elevate and support or destroy, depress and degrade. The trick is to be mindful of the details but not become lost within them. Virgo has a penchant for dissecting things to the barest particle which often times results in stagnation as you lose yourself in the details and fail to gain insight into the bigger picture.


This is not necessarily about having all of the answers to the issues you presently face. Instead we are being asked to turn things around. To take any approach we must to gain a different perspective. We are being asked to accept where things currently are and allow that acceptance to create a portal for hope.


Hope that tomorrow will be better. Hope that what we strive for will be ours. Hope that we will feel safe, rooted and established in our world. Hope that even when we falter, even when we make mistakes so large we feel an overwhelming sense of dread that nothing will be the same again that the warmth of the sun will return and allow new growth to sprout from within. 

Laura BrownComment