Tarotscopes 2/15-2/21


Welcome to another fantastic week filled with rich potential to create far-reaching changes within our lives. Think that sounds a bit dramatic? I assure you, its not. Every day this is the gift we are afforded and when we approach a new week, a new month we should be mindful of just how much positive change can take place when we match our perspective to the wondrous goals that we have for ourselves and our lives.  

So lets explore your Tarotscopes

The gist with these bad boys is to read your Sun, Moon and rising sign, if you know each. Many of us can tell our Sun sign a mere second after being asked but the others are not so commonly known so if you don't know yours then google free astro charts or if you are looking for a richer experience as you delve into the magic of your chart lets talk and set up an astrology reading!

Additionally if you were born within 7-10 days before the changing of signs read that sign as well. This is called a cusp and for example I was born March 18th 1981 which puts me on that cusp between Pisces and Aries so I would look into Aries scope as well. 

Lastly I DO read reversals in my readings and my scopes. Reversals are not all negative and even when they indicate a challenge I do not feel glossing over this is beneficial to myself much less my readers and clients. Our challenges is where the real growth takes place within our lives. 



The card for your week ahead is the 8 of cups, reversed which ironically was part of the daily pull for today over on instagram.  What was a theme for the collective on Monday is a theme you will encounter through the entirety of the week and that theme is purging. This week you are encouraged to evaluate what relationships, beliefs, behaviors and emotions perhaps have outlived their purpose. What have you turned your cheek from in an effort to hide from something you know will be uncomfortable? Time to turn your face and look it straight in the eye. Whether its physical in an early bit of spring cleaning of your home or energetically with an inventory of who and what is allowed to impact you internally this week you will benefit from a cleaner slate. Energy will once again begin to flow and you will find an internal and external progression is ripe for the taking. 

Mantra for the week ahead: I clear away all that does not serve; paving the way for all that will. 



This week holds the potential for a closing of one chapter and the beginning of another. The Universe is a card of closure and completion. It is a time of celebration of all the effort that you have put forth in your life. Perhaps you scored a major work project you had been vying for or were able to secure a promotion that you were after. Maybe this closure seems a bit bittersweet as in the ending of a relationship or the ending of a job. Its natural to explore those feelings and honor them in a safe fashion while also celebrating that even in situations where we are facing a new chapter that may not entirely be of our making we are still offered a chance to dance upon a blank slate. New chapters opening are an invitation to reinvent ourselves and take stock of who we want to be in this new phase of our lives and what we want to do. Its time to get creative!

Mantra for the week: I embrace every new beginning that arrives at my doorstep with the realization the world is very much at my finger tips. 



A certain situation which seemed to hold great promise at the start may soon begin to show its cracks. The knight of cups, reversed is revealing things that were either ignored or perhaps hidden. In some instances it may merely be that its time to see the situation and players involved for who and what they truly are. Everything tends to look better at first glance and this is especially true in our relationships when often those first few months our masks are still rather intact. If you are beginning to see signs that something is amiss take time to evaluate if this is just growing pains or if perhaps something or someone is truly not as it was presented. Better to know now and take this chance to remove yourself from a situation that much further down the line may not be as easily done. Knowledge, even uncomfortable knowledge, is power. 

Mantra for the week: I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!



This week I encourage you to get up and dust yourself off, Cancerians. The Hanged Man, reversed tells me its likely this week you will feel like you are in limbo and the feeling would not be misplaced. The concern is, however, that you are waiting patiently for the mythical white flag signaling that its safe to proceed. You are waiting on information that may not be available to you OR you could likely already have all the information you need but are fearful of making the "wrong" choice. Right now its not about right or wrong as though these binary influences truly govern all of life but understanding now is just the time to stop waiting and start doing. When you make the decision not to act you are still making a decision and this week its time to take a look at whether that decision is the one you truly want to make this week.

Mantra for the week: I take myself down off the cross. 



This week with the Heirophant you will find that sticking to the tried and true is your best way to navigate the week ahead. This card is all about social order, structure, rules and adherence to them. For many this is natural but for my Leo rebels sticking to the rules can sometimes feel like an imposition. Another way to work with this energy is to work on finding your tribe. Look at ways to cultivate the types of relationships you want in your life and the people who are capable of providing that. If you are unsure about how to do this or about anything else that feels a bit outside of the realm of your understanding consult with a trusted friend or someone trained in the area. The energy of this card is such that it seems to bring the right people for the issues we are presently facing just at the right time. 

Mantra for the week: I explore all the ways the creation of my own traditions allows my life to feel authentically my own. 



Its time to let the swords fall out and healing to begin, Virgo. You may feel this intense amount of pain and anguish over something that has transpired in your life. Perhaps you feel betrayed or as though everyone and everything in life is suddenly conspiring against you. Now is the time to understand you can either wallow in this feeling and allow it to drag you down so far you cant get back up or you can stand up, let the pain begin to fall away from you and work on healing yourself. No matter the situation you find yourself in this week this card, when reversed, actually holds the promise that healing and rebuilding is possible but only if you take those first few steps. 

Mantra for the week: I chose not to cling to my pain.  



The 9 of swords is one of those cards that I am not entirely fond of because of its association with fear, insecurity and anxiety. So too will you likely become a bit familiar with these emotions throughout the course of your week ahead. The good news with this card is that the fears that bring about the anxiety highlighted in this card are often psychological in nature-meaning that its more the narrative we've told ourselves about our problems than a true representation of the enormity of our issues. This week rather than allowing yourself to lay in bed staring at the ceiling recounting all that is wrong try to be a bit more proactive. Tackle what you have to do and get moving! The moment you begin to come closer to the things you have been avoiding the more you will see that, even if difficult, they are manageable. Far more manageable once you begin to take action to find a solution.

Mantra for the week: The only thing standing between my problems and my solutions is my fear.  



This week you possess all the skills to solve the ills. The Magician is the ultimate alchemist; capable of drawing on everything within and in his environment to make ish happen.  This week you will excel at communicating your wants and needs in a clear and effective manner allowing you to get what you are after. Use this energy in a manner that furthers your goals but maintains your integrity. Quite often when we realize the power we have it can become a bit intoxicating.  Without even realizing it we can begin to persuade others in such a way that we end up stepping on the toes of those around us and even bending our personal rules in order to get what we want. While this may be a bit of a slippery slope the Magician for all intents and purposes offers us a unique ability to expand our reach towards the goals we hold most dear. 

Mantra for the week: Rise and grind. 



The 3 of cups, reversed can leave you feeling as though the cup of joy to life, relationships, work etc. is suddenly flipped over and draining. This is a card which speaks to gossip, a lack of fun and joy and it can arise from a variety of sources. You may find that you face those who like to talk a great deal about matters that do not pertain to them. My advice in this case is to remember that small minded individuals partake in gossip. The rest of us wax poetic about ideas. If life has become more work than fun its time to take stock of your day. Write down everything you do in the course of the day. And then write a separate list of things that you do each day that make your heart want to explode with passion. If there is an imbalance between the two its time to correct this by committing more time each day to not just the things we must do but the things we want to do. Those of you in triangular relationships-heads up that I see this card OFTEN when details of an affair are coming to light. Cross those T's and dot those I's. 

Mantra for the week: I can fill my life with obligation or I can fill it with fun. Ultimately the choice is mine. 



I once heard this super analogy about how when we try to hold sand in our hand by grasping tightly we end up losing so much more than if we were to gently cup sand in the palm of our hand. This is something I want you to keep in mind as you dance through your week ahead. The 4 of pentacles, reversed tells me that you may feel this need to clench to your resources. Whether those resources are your relationships, money, job, friends etc. in the end doesn't matter. Understand that this week, and any week the more we grasp to things in our lives the more that we find they slip through our hands. Take a more gentle, fluid and compassionate approach all the while keeping in mind that those things which are not meant to stay in our lives will find their way out. Create the spaciousness that you can allow the flow both in and out. 

Mantra for the week: That which is mine cannot be taken and that which isn't cannot be held onto. 



A wish is delayed this week, Aquarius. The 9 of cups, reversed tells me that something you have been striving for, working hard and grinding for is not gelling. You likely feel frustrated and this sense of irritation that despite putting in the effort what you want continues to evade you. In some instances we must understand that not everything we want is truly what is good for us and as such will not be granted. In most cases, however, its not so much a sign that your wish will never be granted but that it wont be granted right now. Whether you are being given a short break before culmination and everything that comes with that OR you are meant to pay attention to any final details that require your attention keep your eyes open, accept where you are right now and have faith that if its meant to be yours then your hard work will, eventually, pay off. 

Mantra for the week: I grind 'till I own it. 



This week you are in rare form, Pisces! The king of swords is a very mentally driven, analytical card. This is clearly a great departure from your more emotionally driven approach. The good news is that this energy is good for finding solutions and getting things done. Your power of analysis will allow you to see things quite clearly and make decisions which are empirical rather than emotional. You will be able to communicate quite clearly and effectively put into words the many thoughts racing through your head. While this may not always be your most natural base point its being introduced to your life over the next 7 days for a reason. What do you need to examine more closely? Where could you use an extra bit of motivation to get things done? Take advantage of this energy and watch as it gives you great motivation to clear the path ahead and get energy moving within your life. 

Mantra of the week: I make decisions with eyes and mind full open and engaged. 


Stay classy, my friends!



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