Bringing Radiance To Mercury Retrograde

Today marks the beginning of Mercury's last retrograde transit of 2016. This transit is taking place in Capricorn and provides us with a rich opportunity to dig deep into the structures, commitments and obligations which comprise our life. Its a massive excavation of what has been as this transit takes us into the first week of the new year (ending 1/8).

We do not need to go far to see posts outlining the challenges that this transit can create. We hear it often-all the things that can go wrong and frankly this transit begs a different approach. 2016 has been pretty difficult at times. There have been many challenges and lessons brought to the forth in this Hermit year. And this transit offers us an opportunity to find the radiance. To dig deep within ourselves and embrace every hardship, every challenge, every sad moment as a gift. We are standing upon uneven ground-this transit begins with one foot in the old year and another in the new. Its a chance for us to evaluate what investments, what structures within our lives are worthy of coming with us into the new year. 2017 promises to be a year of many new beginnings; in essence 2017 is a blank slate. Which means that we want to pay close attention that nothing which is out of alignment with our inner truth and the goals and dreams we hope to manifest in the new year is allowed to take up space. 

It is my belief that there is no stronger releasing than that which takes place when we embrace something with gratitude and appreciation that comes from seeing from an elevated perspective. When we can look at someone who has wounded us and send them love and genuine hope for their future instead of hardening our hearts with bitterness and resentment we find release happens naturally. We neednt try or break our backs trying to figure out what we need to do to let go. It just leaves us on its own, of its own accord. Why? Because we saw and acknowledged the radiance. The gift that comes in even the most challenging of times. Because even if its simply showing us how much stronger we are, how much more capable and resilient we are, there is a gift in every dark corner. 

I encourage you to participate in a burning ceremony that helps us to both acknowledge the gifts that were bestowed upon us in all situations from 2016 and let go of all that we know no longer serves us as we move forward. 

New Years/Mercury Retrograde Burning Ceremony

Its a pretty simple practice and you can feel free to toy with it and make it uniquely your own. I like to sit at my sacred space with some water nearby (in the event that my burning ceremony takes on a life of its own), a fireproof container large enough to hold the type and size of paper you use (I like to find scrap paper from my daughters many different art projects. This way I am not uselessly using good paper and also this keeps the pieces pretty small and manageable), a pen or pencil for writing and any other elements which speak to me. Often I have at least a few crystals which hold resonance and a candle or two. You will definitely want to have something to light your pieces of paper with if you do not have a candle burning. I will also add some soft music which speaks to me. The important thing is that your set up speaks to you, not that it resembles mine to a T. Have fun with it and know that the true magic lies in the personal details you add. 

I like to take a few moments to ground myself into Mama Earth. You can use a method which speaks to you or do as I do and visualize a root stemming from your tailbone and traveling past dirt, rocks, sentiment, deep into Mama Earth's core and like a plug in your home, once we see the light within Mama Earth, our cord plugs into her energy. This keeps us rooted, secure and stable as we continue our ceremony. 

Once you feel rooted into Mama Earth take a few deep, cleansing breaths to release stress and help focus the mind. When you feel ready say a prayer of gratitude for the year and all its experiences. Take some time and reflect on your year. What stands out? What memories or experiences make your heart swell? What still makes you cringe at the thought of it? What investments of your time, energy, money or emotion have proven fruitful and which have revealed themselves to be a drain? Take a few moments to allow your focus to hone in on those things you feel have no space in the new year. It may be commitments to others. It may be patterns of behavior or thinking. No matter how large or small take a few moments to acknowledge what you do not wish to come with you into the new year. 

Now take a moment to think about what each experience taught you. What radiance can you harvest from each challenge, obstruction or wound? How can you express some gratitude for each experience for all that its brought to your life-to how it assisted in your evolution. Is there any reassessment that allows for you to see the situation differently? That reveals different ways you could have handled or responded to it? How can you see each situation not as a blemish but with beauty? 

Take a few moments to consciously send love, compassion and gratitude to everything that you know its time to release. Feel these qualities rise within you and send them to the essence of each of these things which are now being released. Now its time to write down what you are letting go of. You have a few different ways that you can do this. You can write them down on individual slips of paper and burn each with gratitude and allow it to burn entirely in your fire-poof container or you can write it all down on a single piece of paper and burn it all together. Once you have burned through the release thank yourself for your strength and perseverance. Acknowledge that you are so much stronger, so more radiant and beautiful today than you were this time last year. And its because of all that you experienced in 2016. 

Once your fire is out and its safe to do so, take your fire-proof container outside and let the ashes take to the winds. Feel the release.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday and hope that your new year is radiant, blessed, abundant and joyous!

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