New Moon January 9th 2016

January 9th marks the first New Moon of 2016 and it is all going down in the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is not exactly known for its freewheeling ways and frankly, that is ok. The energy of the goat is exactly what we need right now.


After the sequins, confetti and champagne of the new year now is the time that we bring our feet back down to earth and start making a plan for the new year. Capricorn is the steadfast workhorse of the zodiac. They know what they want and they have no troubles with busting their ass to get it. Like the goats that scale impractical terrain on the cliff side of a mountain there is nothing that Capricorn cannot do when it sets its mind to something.


Think of what you can do with this energy! 


Its time to make a game plan.


What resolutions have already started to flitter out this first week of the new year? Which were meant to? Now we are being called to take a hard look at what it is that we desire to make of 2016. This is the year we are reminded that what we do or do not accomplish is direction proportionate to the amount of effort that we put into our lives. There are quite a few of us who will face each day, week and month on auto pilot; doing the same things over and over again.


But not us. We know that January holds mega magic and its all right there for the taking. We need only hold out our hands and grab a handful.


Let’s use this energy to our advantage.


So write yourself a letter. Tell yourself just what you are capable of. Just what you can do with this year if you already knew that you couldn’t fail. And you know what? Remind yourself that even if you do fail it doesn’t matter-at least you were doing SOMETHING. In my book that is far better than doing NOTHING.


Fill this letter to the brim of empowerment letting yourself know just how bodacious and fucking fabulous you are. And then write yourself one back.

Honor that awesome Goddess within who likes to remind you that you are more than your ego, more than your insecurities. Let her know that you are no slouch and that this year you’ve got plans. Big plans.


Make a list.


What are those plans? Get detailed. Get fancy. Grab yourself an awesome journal and some pens that beg to be written with and begin to make a list of the things you want to do this year. Large and small. Important and trivial. Rock some serious pie eyes here and dream BIG. Chances are you are going to never run out of things to write once this energy gets flowing so stop when you feel called.


Now, even though you likely have things written that there are not enough days in the year to accomplish this list brings it all front and center. You can then take this list and organize it. What do you want at the top of that list? What can you weed out and put on a list to go in the treasure box for another time to be added to another list? This is where you get more discerning-do you really want to lose 10lbs or do you just feel that you “should”. Be merciless – if it doesn’t really seem to excite you deep within your being then get rid of it for another time. Its not that it doesn’t have meaning, its just not for you right now.


Now its time to put together a plan of action.


Get in touch with those who have done what you want to do. Ask them what they have to share about accomplishing this goal. What did they learn? What do they wish they did differently?

Asking those who have attained what you desire is a fantastic way to get a handle of practical things you can do to make things happen. They are a pool of resources and information that is priceless.


Find your tribe and thrive!


Now surround yourself with others who are as dedicated to their advancement and well being as you are. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to be fearless and expansive or to score a 6 figure promotion. Find your tribe and learn the value of support in being surrounded by those who share your goal.


Lastly show yourself some love. Write a letter to yourself every time you feel like giving up. Write a letter to yourself just because. Take some time to honor your hard work and daring with some sacred self-care. You have an immeasurable amount of power contained within.


Starting these projects now and getting serious about accomplishing them means that we are not the salmon who is trying to swim upstream. We have a vast amount of energy that the Universe is extending to us to help us get things done and not a moment too soon.

While Mercury may be retrograde that is not the only transit of relevance this New Year. This New Moon may very well set the tone for the remainder of your year. It’s a day wherein you can say goodbye to limits of the past and sashay into 2016 with a renewed sense of power and capability. What would you do if you knew that even if you failed you would still succeed?


Happy New Moon, loves!