Weekly Tarotscopes 1/4-1/10

Welcome to the first official FULL week of the new year! I don't know about each of you but I am brimming with potential, opportunity and optimism that this year will bring with it many blessed things. This doesn't mean each will be easy or will leave us skipping on rainbows each day BUT it will leave us a more whole, rich and complex individual with an equally rich life!


I have your tarotscopes for this week and due to a cold I have decided to type them out rather than do a recording. I may play with keeping it in this format-it all depends on how I feel at any given moment because honestly, as a Pisces Im prone to changing  my mind ;)


The gist with these bad boys is to read your Sun, Moon and rising sign, if you know each. Many of us can tell our Sun sign a mere second after being asked but the others are not so commonly known so if you don't know yours then google free astro charts or if you are looking for a richer experience as you delve into the magic of your chart lets talk and set up an astrology reading!

Additionally if you were born within 7-10 days before the changing of signs read that sign as well. This is called a cusp and for example I was born March 18th 1981 which puts me on that cusp between Pisces and Aries so I would look into Aries scope as well. 




The 3 of wands is a fantastic modifier to the week ahead, Aries. It holds the promise of new ventures and ideas that make your heart race and your palms sweat.  The trick with this energy is to understand that any idea we have is only as good as the plan of action that we put behind it. This week your ability to put a plan together to see this great idea through is dialed on high and its time for you to really go over it with a fine toothed comb. We are approaching (as in tomorrow!) Mercury Retrograde so this is not a time to be hasty when you are mapping out your next bold move. In fact the desire to ruminate and be extra focused may be something to honor. Once you feel that you have the plan that can get you to where you want to be then its time to take action. 

Mantra for the week ahead: There are many shores my feet have yet to touch that are dying to welcome me, graciously. 



Dearest Taurus this week you may find that balance is hard to come by. Whether this is good or bad is ultimately a decision only you can make. Temperance is a card of well....temperance. Its finding a middle ground, taking it easy and seeking, above all else, balance. Sometimes this is the way to live your life. And sometimes the world needs to see the Bull charge. Being that temperance is reversed for you this week you may be feeling more like the latter. Where do you feel called this week, Taurus? Do you feel that you have taken the high road or the moderate approach for too long? Do you feel that you need to explode with some more robust action? The decision is yours but be mindful that sometimes we can become overly reactive to situations in our lives as we are hit first with the emotionality of the situation and later with the practicality. Be mindful to not react but to do what is necessary to (safely) achieve your aim this week. 

Mantra for the week: Where ever I am this week, doing whatever I am doing is the result of a decision made by me. 



What value does the past hold for you, Gemini? What lessons did you learn and how do people from your past still continue to impact you presently? The 6 of cups, reversed indicates that you may take nostalgia too far this week. While you are road tripping down memory lane you may find that you take one too many wrong turns and end up who the hell knows where doing who the hell knows what. Remember that our past certainly is a rich tapestry of all that we have done and experienced but its not the deciding factor on our present or futures. Everything looks better when you are looking back on it because often time has served as a bit of a numbing agent to the pain or irritation. Treasure your past but honor your present. Getting too caught up in what was will have you missing out on what is and what can be. 

Mantra for the week: My past, as groovy a teacher it may have been, does not have the power to impact my future lest I allow it!



The 5 of Pentacles is likely my least favorite card in the Tarot, I'll come right out and say it. When reversed, as it is for you this week it can oscillate between my most and least favorite. This is why. This card, when upright speaks to spiritual, physical and emotional turmoil and disconnection. Its when we lose our jobs, our families, our relationships etc. Its not a good time for most. When reversed I find that you are either coming out of a situation like that OR you perhaps are seeing an exaggeration of these traumas. No matter the side of the coin you find yourself on presently understand that they are in fact two sides of the same coin. Whether now or a few days or weeks from now there will be a light at the end of the tunnel signifying that hard times are soon to end. Do not get caught up in the feeling that this will never end or that you are stuck because the fact is it will end. Pay attention to what you are meant to learn from this experience. How can you avoid it in the future? Gather all the beautiful information just sitting there for you to take in so that way you have your bags filled when its time to put all of this in your rearview. 

Mantra for the week: My greatest teachers are sometimes my greatest challenges. 



Where do you need to liberate yourself? The 8 of cups is a card which indicates that you are fully aware of a part of your life you must walk away from. Perhaps its a relationship. Perhaps its drama that seems to find its way at your door. This energy is a pull for you to begin to draw your energy towards you and evaluate what investments of your time and energy are truly worth it. We often times get stuck in this notion of how we "should be" or what we "could be" doing and it causes us to sometimes resist change that is due to happen whether we want it or not. You are being called to shed the skin of the past and what is no longer working so that you can move forward free, evolved and ready for all the glorious things that 2016 has to share with you!

Mantra for the week: Like water off a ducks back I do not allow what no longer serves to bother me. 



Changes are afoot and chances are they are going to come in so swiftly that its likely to throw your sense of security askew. The 10 of Pentacles, reversed, is a card which speaks to loss, instability and a feeling of loneliness. This card asks us to look at where we gather the most sense of security and foundation in our lives. Is it through your family unit? Perhaps through the security that your current profession lends? The reversed energy of the 10 of Pentacles is a sign that something is getting in the way of that energy flowing freely and being intact. Where can you bring greater balance? You may be called to create a sense of greater internal strength and security so that when your external circumstances are influx you do not feel such a sense of loss. Watch your words this week-its likely that saying something off the cuff may help this energy find its tipping point. 

Mantra for the week: Peace is an inside job.



You are coming off the heels of some sort of accomplishment in your life. Whether large or small you are going to begin to feel the external pressure of competition and struggle. When we reach a certain point of personal and professional success its bound to bring individuals out of the woodwork who seem to have nothing in mind but feed off of or otherwise compromise your success. You may feel this week like the struggle is just not worth it, and perhaps its not. Only you can truly decide that. What is important to remember is that struggling to maintain ground in your life should not be seen through the lens of negativity. Typically its a sign that you have done quite well for yourself and have a light which shines so bright it attracts others towards you. Do not let others dim your light if you determine that what you are struggling to maintain is worth it and by all means if its not worth it then set it and forget it! You are far too precious a being to waste time of things no longer serving you. 

Mantra for the week: The sweetest honey attracts the most flies and honey, Im the sweetest honey you can buy!


Where are you resisting change and ending in your life, Scorpio? The Death card, reversed tells me that you are holding dearly to something which may no longer be of service to you. Its inevitable, you know. Change is going to knock on all our doors and sometimes its a small alteration to the landscape of our life and sometimes its pretty massive and pretty damn scary. The truth is nothing is static and we only amplify the uncomfortable feeling change brings when we resist it. Do not start 2016 by holding on to what the Universe, the divine, whomever you want to hold responsible, is trying to tell you its time to let go of. 

Mantra for the week: I look change in the face and make it my bitch!



Oh my sweet, sweet lovely. You know how fantastic you are, right? How you manage to hold the entirety of your world on your shoulders. Running from one role to another. One task and onto the next. You are a powerhouse of capability but this week you, yes, even you, must take a break. The 4 of swords is a card of rest, recoup and recovery. Its time to recharge your batteries and take more time than normal out of your hectic schedule for some sacred self-care. Run a hot bath and add some delicious essential oils (organic, please. You deserve ONLY the best) and flowers. Soak away your troubles and busy schedule so that you can just float on a wave of relaxation. Take some time out each day to meditate and check in with your inner self. What is she telling you? What have you been ignoring that is essential for you to reenter your life feeling more empowered and recharged than ever before? 

Mantra for the week: Taking time out for me is as essential to my wellbeing as breathing. 




This week you may find that balance and harmony are thrown a bit out of whack. With the Lovers card, reversed, highlighting the week ahead you have your work cut out for you as you try to maintain composure in your life but specifically in your relationships. The good news is that its likely you are seeing something or someone clearly. Your perspective has changed and you may begin to see cracks in some of the relationships you hold most dear. If this is the case trust that it is not just about assuming the worst and believing that your relationships are over. It may simply be a chance for you to reinforce your foundation together. Regardless you will be called on to make a decision this week. Likely pertaining to the new and the old. What you have always done and what you are being called to do differently. Do not resist this change or feel frightened of the possibility before you. Decisions always seem most daunting when we are right up against them. Its when we move through them that we see that they are not nearly as fearsome as perhaps we had envisioned them to be. 

Mantra for the week: I see harmony within myself and know that in so doing I bring harmony to my external relationships. 


This week you are feeling stuck and unable to move. The 8 of swords is a sign that while you may feel there are no options before you in truth there are quite a view. Its only your perspective which must change. If you were to think outside the box then you would realize that the ties you think hold you in place are in truth rather loosely connected and removable with a mere shift in any direction. Its understandable that you may feel the way that you do. Sometimes when we are in the midst of something stressful its hard to see above the wall of our own emotion. If you are having trouble gaining perspective consult a trusted friend or family member or even see about hiring a coach or mentor to assist you in seeing the options before you. The important thing is that you realize that you have everything at your disposal that is needed in order to see your way through this-it may just be time to rally the troops of those who will be more than happy to help you!

Mantra for the week: I am able to see beyond limitations and onto the vast array of opportunities before me!


Shoo fly! Don't bother me! This is going to be your anthem this week as you seek to release burden and pressure from your life. The 10 of wands signifies a period when you will learn to say "no" to things that you simply cannot handle right now. You will learn to ask for help when you need it and will no longer feel that you have to do it all, at one time and on your own. Of course this likely is coming off a period wherein you took on far too much and nearly broke your back trying to carry the weight of your world on your shoulder but better late than never, right?  The lesson to be learned here, Pisces is that you are but one person. A glorious, romantic, fantastic person but still just a single person who cannot possibly do it all. Sometimes we must learn to honor our own personal boundaries BEFORE we feel trapped under a mountain of shit with no way out. 

Mantra of the week: I'll think on it and get back to you. 





Alright lovelies! I hope that these help you to make the most of your week and enjoy all that is before you. Yes we all have that great adventure called life to deal with and of course Mercury retrograde to deal with but this is just a chance to show how bright we can shine. Take some time to honor your light this week!



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