Channeled Message: Grasping


****Channeled Message****

This message is not my own but rather a downloaded/channeled message received via meditation. While I would love to claim credit for this stream of consciousness it is important to give credit to the amazing beings who have supported us through many lifetimes. Their gift to you is below. 



 We’ve noticed a trend of grasping that is taking place with so many of you right now. Demands to be seen, heard, witnessed, supported and acknowledged are being shouted, written, cried and thought at stunning speeds. Its not that being seen, witnessed, supported or acknowledged are wrong-they are wonderful. The grasping we see, however, is not because those around you fail to provide those things but because YOU fail to provide YOURSELF with them.


You want everyone to show up for, to make you priority number one and the fact is that is not always possible. You are rich and complex creatures with a variety of roles and responsibilities. No, you are not grasping because your beau failed to take notice of your changed hair color or because your friends are less inclined to listen to another personal revelation right now. You are grasping because even when they do show up for you as much as is in their ability in that moment its never enough. They cannot fill a well that you alone control.


You must see, hear, witness, support and acknowledge yourself. You must understand that its not the job of those external to you to be your 24-hour cheerleading squad. It is your job to seek out, show up and provide yourself with tools that empower and nurture yourself. When you do this you create room for others in your life to show up in a more genuine way-not in a fashion that they do when they feel its “do it or else”. If you desire true support and genuine relationships, then you must first be and provide those things for the self.


Settle in with the desire for another to acknowledge something you achieved, have been going through or otherwise experienced. Why do you feel this need for them to provide that for you? Will it validate what you are doing or have gone through? Are you not showing up in strength for yourself and as such wish to feed off the strength that others would provide in their acknowledgement? How can you show up for yourself in a powerful way so that you do not need that external validation or support?


Its time to understand the paradigm of the old is no longer applicable. Those who see true growth this year will not do so by grasping to what is outside of them. Its only through the tender embrace of what is within that growth and expansion will be achieved this and subsequent years.



With gratitude,


The Elder

Laura BrownComment