Weekly Tarotscopes 1/11-1/17

I am feeling so much flow this week that its pretty crazy! Coming off the heels of a pretty powerful first of the year New Moon in Capricorn I have that workhorse drive hitting me rather hard. You should also feel this sense of seriousness but yet in a rather playful way. This New Moon begs that we get serious about what this year holds (if you want to learn more on how to use this energy check out my post here.) and all we have to do to get it but here is the kicker: its not going to be through the same old and outdated means as before. We are all being encouraged to be more intuitive and expansive than we are stressed and anxious. Though the maxim of work hard, play hard is sometimes true we are learning now its more about working smarter, rather than harder. 

So lets explore your Tarotscopes

The gist with these bad boys is to read your Sun, Moon and rising sign, if you know each. Many of us can tell our Sun sign a mere second after being asked but the others are not so commonly known so if you don't know yours then google free astro charts or if you are looking for a richer experience as you delve into the magic of your chart lets talk and set up an astrology reading!

Additionally if you were born within 7-10 days before the changing of signs read that sign as well. This is called a cusp and for example I was born March 18th 1981 which puts me on that cusp between Pisces and Aries so I would look into Aries scope as well. 


The two of swords, reversed is an energy that could leaving you feeling as though you have received so much information that you have no clue what to do. The great thing about the two of swords is that it reminds you that you have options, the trick is not to get lost in them. You would benefit from taking some to really get clear on what you want. For the next two weeks you have the opening created by the New Moon to stop acting from a place of "maybe" or "what if" and instead really create a solid foundation upon which you can build (and sometimes rebuild) your entire life. Stop waffling-have fun this week. Explore the options available to you but always check in with your inner guide. It will tell you exactly what to do and when. Just be sure to trust it! 

Mantra for the week ahead: There is no right or wrong path. There is only the path I chose to take. 



This week, with the 6 of pentacles, reversed, you are being asked to evaluate whether you are doing all of the giving in a certain relationship.  This doesn't have to be romantic. It could very well be a friend or family member who seems to take more than they give in return. The lesson for you to understand that you do not always get more by giving more. We all want to be in service but sometimes if we do this to a fault we end up giving away all that we have and forget to fill our own bucket. This week you should get down to the business of evaluating the investment of the relationships you hold dear and make sure that you surround yourself with those who give as much as they expect from you. 

Mantra for the week: I give freely and without expectation but honor my own boundaries in the process. 



What wound are you holding onto, Gemini? The 5 of cups is a song laden with emotion and sometimes despair. Its the wall of sadness that can sometimes circle around us in such a way that we cannot see beyond or even above it. The problem is that just beyond this wall are so many things to be grateful for; to celebrate. Your job this week is to honor the wounds of your past. To honor the sadness or feeling of loss that you may encounter but to then set about climbing that wall so that you can still gaze out on all that you have been given and still have yet to achieve. 

Mantra for the week: I am blessed beyond measure. 



Your plans need some fine tuning this week, Cancer. The ace of swords, reversed signals confusion, lack of clarity and lack of long term vision. Its time to use the energy of Saturday's New Moon to go back to the basics and get clear on what it is that you are hoping to achieve, say or create. If you find that gathering your thoughts is difficult then set aside some time to release. Spend some time outside, take a hot bath, meditate or go to the gym and work off some extra energy. Do things that are both physically and energetically releasing and also invigorating. This will help turn the energy of this week around!

Mantra for the week: I gather my thoughts and put the puzzle together, beautifully. 



This week signals a major release for you and in perfect timing to get rid of the old and usher in the new beginnings you can create now. The Moon, reversed is a card which speaks to letting go of what has caused you turmoil in the past. This could be relationships, patterns, ways of thinking and behaving or it could simply be a release of holding on to the way things have been. The release brings happiness, opportunity BUT only if you are willing to enter the light. The moons light shines down upon us all but if you hide from her light and what she has to show you then you risk missing out. 

Mantra for the week: I welcome what my cordoned off places have to reveal to me. 



Which path are you going to take this week, Virgo? Will you the observant one or the martyr? The Hanged Man often times runs the risk of being both. You are being asked to understand that you can take a break and have a more passive role in something without needing to martyr yourself. Now is the time to observe, reflect, gather information and allow these revelations to show you the next step. You do not need to rush into every situation this week prepared to button it up tight right then and there. In fact most things this week will require that you give them some space to unfold without your fingers controlling the strings. 

Mantra for the week: I observe, impartially.



You are really feeling this New Moon energy this week, Libra. The Empress is shining down on your week and is imbuing you with a need to create, nurture and manifest. Spread this love inward just as much as you do outward. Show yourself the same level of care and attention you would a baby this week. You have before you a rich landscape of creative explosions and intuitive sparklers that are going to open you up in more ways than one. This is a perfect energy for those of you looking to start a new business or career path and equally potent for those looking to birth a physical being as well. Your inner nurturer is strong and ready for you to embrace her.

Mantra for the week: I create lovingly and open myself to birthing a new way of living and being.


You are on fire this week, Scorpio. The queen of wands is an energy of the creatrix. She has a vision in her mind and all of the motivation, willpower and determination to see it through! You have all that is needed with this energy to master your week. Think big and be willing to climb some pretty major mountains in pursuit of what you desire. This is not a week to think about what you want but rather to take solid and consistent effort on what you already have been thinking about. 

Mantra for the week: I got this!




This week you need to be mindful of what you are doing in the pursuit of something you desire. The five of swords is a "win at all costs" type of energy. It brings tension, potential loss and conflict to the forefront of your week ahead. The thing with this energy is that typically we bring these things upon ourselves by virtue of our actions. If you have been fighting for something ask yourself if its truly a fair and honest fight. Sometimes when we are dealing with conflict we will find that we lose relationships, ideas or even beliefs. Sometimes these are necessary sacrifices and sometimes its a result of our not fighting fair. Fight fair this week and make sure that your every word is filled with an integrity that will make anything you are going after a fight well worth the effort. 

Mantra for the week: There is nothing worth fighting for that cannot be fought for with integrity. 



You've got vision this week, Capricorn, I'll give you that. The 3 of wands is opening the way for you to set forth a plan that is going to get you across the landscape that exists between where you want to be and where you current stand. This is an energy that helps you to understand the planning and long term potential to anything you desire to manifest in your life. This is not about hasty decision making or throwing caution to the wind, not that you are very good at those things anyways, Capricorn. But it is about looking up at the cliff before you and seeing where each foot must travel to safely get you to the top. 

Mantra for the week: I can see clearly the road before me and its glorious. 




Your heart is at the wheel this week, Aquarius with the knight of cups highlighting the week ahead. You are in touch with your emotions and your intuition is strong. These two things will serve you well as you set about your week and put together a plan for what you hope to accomplish. Let your creativity be your guide and do not discount an idea simply because it seems too difficult. The knight brings an invitation and news of new beginnings and opportunities so pay attention and give each their due. 

Mantra for the week: Im guided by my intuition and feel my way though the week ahead!




Watch yourself, Pisces. The king of cups, reversed is an energy that may leave you feeling moody, volatile and stubborn when things do not go your way. The lesson with this card is to accept that how you feel is your responsibility. Do not look to those outside of you to fill your well or otherwise be responsible for your feelings. Happiness, contentment, peace these are all things which are an inside job. Rather than projecting how you are feeling on those around you its time to take charge and lessen the amount of your life that is controlled by emotion. This is going to be hard for us Pisces who do practically everything through emotion but this week we may take it too far. Reign it in!

Mantra of the week: Its not just what I feel but what I can do. 


Have a fantastic week, lovelies. Live joyfully, live vibrantly and by all means do this shit on your terms!



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