A Spiritual Perspective On Donald Trump

This is definitely a departure from my typical writing. I am usually rapping on the various intricacies of relationships of all forms and I am always happy to do so. But I have a confession to make.

You see I am a bit of a news junkie. I leave it on CNN for a bit of background noise and I like to hear the general direction that the country is taking. I know many who feel that seeking conscious enlightment and staying connected to the world through the news are mutually exclusive but I disagree and that is a topic for another day.

The point of this is not to argue whether the news is low vibration but to evaluate how someone like Donald Trump, who is so deeply steeped in ego is managing to out pace his Republican colleagues by a rather large margin.

I get that inherently there is quite a bit of ego is involved in politics already but can anyone argue that Trump takes it to a new level?

I have heard over and over again how people like him because he doesn’t just repeat the same political script and I agree-he is definitely willing to say whatever, no matter how inappropriate, comes to his mind. But the fact remains that saying things simply because they are provocative does not a good human, much less president, make.

I love to ruffle feathers. I have built my entire career on giving it to my clients straight. My friends know that when they ask me a question I will always tell them exactly what I think and more often than not I am the one at girl’s night saying aloud what everyone else whispers around the table.

Being provocative is fantastic but when that is the only substance behind what you say and do there is a problem with that. Trump is all talk and has learned that when he says the most ridicules, off the wall shit people pay more attention. This is not a good candidate for president, this is a good marketer.

Have you watched a Trump speech? Have you noticed that 90% is focused on how fantastically wealthy he is? Have you noticed how he name drops other wealthy individuals and talks about how they are chums from way back? Or what about the fact that he goes on and on about how negative things are?

Does the world at large and here at home have some serious issues? Yes! Absolutely. But there are wonderful people and wonderful things happening every moment of every day and focusing exclusively on one to the neglect of the other is a good way to breed hate.

And that is what Trump is doing be it conscious or not.

He and his camp quickly realized that he happens to attract a particular sect of society that is equally filled with fear, hate and shadow. They are running with this particular group of individuals and not looking back and it’s a sign that those of us who see the forest through the trees MUST speak up.

He feeds on those slumming it in the lower chakras because he himself is there right with them. He knows what will trigger them because his own ego is dialed on high. He knows what to say to get them to rally with him and he is not afraid to say it again and again. He doesn’t care if he alienates those of us who see through these tactics because frankly he assumes we are in the minority and those who are on the fence will quickly join his ranks.

I will not pretend to know who the next president should be. Though I once fancied myself ready to play ball in the arena of politics I quickly learned that there were some systems that you could not help but become apart of and I wanted NO part of this system.

What I do feel strongly about is that we need those in positions of power who understand that dwelling on and pandering to fear is perhaps effective in controlling people but not effective in building a society filled with hope. I happen to be one of those strange creatures who thinks that hope, not fear, is by far the most motivating emotion any human can feel.

When I feel that I am capable of accomplishing something. When I feel supported and as though its not me against the world but the world right there with me I get more done and reach greater heights than when I feel scared or find myself swimming deep in a lack mentality.

The world at large, I feel, is no different. We need to feel supported. We need to chose love and compassion-even for those who perhaps do not necessarily deserve it (it’s the broken who need love most, right?) and not fear and seclusion. We have to be willing to understand that what we have been doing isn’t working and its time we chosen another route. 

Trump is not that route. Trump is playing each one of his supporters for a fool. He is taking them on an epic ride that will have them waking up sore and confused as to what happened the night before.

He promotes hate, fear and ego and those traits have no role in a compassionate, conscious society.