I'm going to admit something: I used to dismiss astrology completely. While this may not be so shocking to some, those who have been providing readings for nearly 11 years typically have a basic understanding of astrology and its impact upon personalities. I had no interest and dismissed it as complete malarkey. Then a close friendship with someone who possessed a great understanding of the art changed my mind and my readings and relationship coaching has been enriched because of it. 

So whether you are just starting out and want to know how to spark their interest and make that first date impressive or you want to increase passion in an already established relationship astrology can shed both light and understanding into how to do this. 

Lets go sign by sign:



Typically this sign is considered the infants of the zodiac because of their placement but also their "me first" temperament. Like the child who wakes hungry in the middle of the night, screaming for her sleeping parents, Aries want what they want when they want it. This impatience means they typically do not waste time waiting for sex or love to come to them; they go out and get it. They fall hard but also fall out of interest VERY fast. They need to have their needs met immediately and there needs to be ample passion. They enjoy very physical sex so staying in shape and taking things outside the box is a necessity. Aries are turned off by those who only offer up generic or vanilla sex. Stimulation on all levels is required for this sign so be sure to brush up intellectually as well. In love, they can be very loyal a loving but may need some gentle reminding that YOU have needs too. To keep things spicy as the relationship evolves try out a little role-playing which will definitely spark an Aries interest. Just be careful to treat others with respect. Those who are sexy and a turn on initially but are snobby or nasty to people around them, especially those they do not 'have' to be nice to will be an instant turn off and you will not work your way into their bed or heart. 



Known for their love of the finer things and all things luxurious its only logical that Taurians would make an art out of love-making. Keep this in mind, however: if a Taurian thinks that you have debt or money problems they will run in the opposite direction. This doesn't mean that you should become a miser; on the contrary, the way to their heart is by spending money on them. Just be sure that you are not doing it to the detriment of your investments. Even if you have to take a Taurian to a less expensive restaurant they will respect your budgeting. They are a very practical sign.

They are also one of the quickest of the signs to retreat if hurt or offended. They tend to slip into depression and dwell on perceived wrongs when hurt. Be sure to not attempt to lure them in bed to make up for it: they will need to do their own thing and process it on their own time. Rather than attempt to repair it with actions use your words. 

In bed its time to get earthy and primal! They like to bite and be bitten, especially on the neck which is a Taurian erogenous zone. Taurian men will want to take the lead but is quite turned on when given direct orders so knowing what you like and not being afraid to voice that will serve you well. Taurian women want to feel protected and tend to shy away from those who are too skinny or lean. They will require that you take a more active and direct role in bed so being confident and assertive is a must.



This sign can be a bit difficult at times to navigate. They are a sign which can separate easily sex, emotions and relationships. If they have it in their head that you are merely a sexual partner there is very little that will change their minds. While very sexual they are not very sensual so hour-long romps in the bed are not likely on the menu. 

There is nothing that is considered taboo or out of the question for Gemini. Be willing to pull out the sex toys and experiment with positions. Don't be afraid to get a bit wild. Talk dirty and make lots of eye contact. The twins can be a bit selfish in bed but with some gentle cues from you they will quickly get the hint and be sure to tend to your needs. They like kissing so be sure that you are skilled in the art. 

Keep in mind that the way to seduce the twins is through their mind. They need intellectual stimulation so references to obscure movies or books will catch their interest. They are suckers for good conversation so staying up to date on current events and popular culture is a must. Those who agree too often or fail to show themselves as individuals will quickly lose a Gemini's interest. 

A word of caution regarding Gemini women: they are not afraid to make a scene. Ever seen a man getting a drink thrown in his face? Chances are it was a Gemini woman hurdling that bad boy at him. They are not afraid to let a little chaos into the mix so its best to not provoke them.

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