Aries Romantic Profile

So you are shagging an Aries, or want to anyways! This is ok because shagging is something they do quite well! This is a sign of constant contradiction and fiery passion! We are going to look into the love MO of Aries. Now keep in mind that depending on other aspects of a person’s individual and unique birth chart there will be varying degrees of just how much of this applies to YOUR Aries lover. This gives you, however, a general overview!


Element: Fire-if you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Quality-Cardinal. Aries is the head honcho, lead zodiac horn dog.

Symbol: Ram. They will chase you to the end of the earth to get a little slap and tickle.

Ruler: Mars, the god of passion, war and “I’ll never stop until I have you” pursuit.

Romantic Style: Willing, Able & Ready.

Favorite pick up line: “Do you want to have sex before or after we catch a flick?”

Date Idea: Suggest a little football or basketball in the park followed up by some carnal sports later on.

Erogenous zone: Head. As in they like receiving it, giving it and pulling the hair still left on it.

Sexual Quirk: Penchant for breaking out in random animal noises mid romp.


Aries loves a challenge. Playing hard to get is the best way to capture their interest; just be prepared that they may want to keep playing the game. Tell them no and it’s like throwing gas on a grease fire; they will pull out that unbridled passion and determination and stop at nothing to have you. And I do mean nothing; my bet is that Aries is the sign with the most restraining orders against them.

The issue is that they quick to fall and quick to fall out of love. They will chase you to the end of the earth but once you reciprocate your interest they begin to act much like a kid in a candy store where everything captures their attention and they are simply unable to settle on just one piece.

Aries has a bit of temper. They are the infants of the zodiac and as such are quick to tantrums. The only sign that perhaps matches their temper would be Leo but Aries still is the one with the shortest fuse.

Aries are not the best bet when it comes to marriage. They adore themselves more than they will ever adore you and their penchant for “me first” will soon grow tiring. Even when they do settle in for the long haul they have such a casual attitude towards sex they have a habit of forgetting the act once it’s done. This allows them to cheat rather often but fancy themselves wonderful mates because they still make it home in time for dinner and give you a little slap and tickle later after.

If you want to catch an Aries be prepared that it’s a lot like trying to pin down a cloud. That said if you feel up to the challenge then be prepared to get your adrenaline on! They love adventure and a challenge. Perhaps suggest a little bungee jumping or skydiving to show you hang with the big boys!

They are giant suckers for the “I want you, I want you not” game but remember that they may try to get you to keep playing when you are ready to have a bit of stability. They like bold and don’t do modesty so understand that sitting quietly in the corner and saying very little will have your Aries date leaving with the bold girl mimicking fellatio with her hot dog at the counter.

 Always a lesson in contradictions another way to an Aries heart is to need a bit of rescuing. They love a good project and to be needed and then adored for all of their hard work straightening you out. Be still their Aries heart!

Sexually Aries is a sign of ACTION but its often quick and to the point so do not expect lengthy rounds of foreplay and enticing teasing. They are kings of the 1 pump chumps. The good news is that they like FREQUENT lovin’ so even though it may not last a tremendously long time it will no doubt be something you do enough to have you waking bowlegged the next day.

Should you be ready to get rid of your Aries this can be a bit trickier because the less you want them the more they want you. A good way to get them off your back and stop them from calling your phone and ringing your bell all day and night is to suggest you are just not good enough for them. Tickle their Aries ego and they will quickly get over it. If that fails tell them you have come down with an awful venereal disease that prevents you from engaging in physical intimacy for the next 6 months. They will leave smoke in their wake.

If you want to keep your Aries then remember that like babies they need to be coddled, given loads of attention and affection and toys. They rarely sit still so keeping them active and joining them in the activities is a good way of growing together as opposed to apart.


Good matches for Aries: Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Good friends for Aries: Aries, Capricorns and Taurus.

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