3 Relationship Warning Signs

****Originally published in OM Times Magazine

When it comes to matters of the heart we can often ignore relationship warning signs that there is trouble in paradise. We deny, we turn our cheek, we bury our heads in the sand all to avoid seeing the end of a relationship; but the ending is still there, looming before us, whether we choose to accept it or not.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we never saw it coming and perhaps this is true. The need to avoid seeing that a relationship is ending can be so strong that we never become aware of the signs. In my work as a Tarot Intuitive Counselor and Master Life Coach I have helped thousands as they made a transition within their relationship. The following three relationship warning signs are among the most prevalent when a relationship is coming to a close.

Three Relationship Warning Signs

Relationship Warning Sign #1 – You are no longer sexually aligned.

Though sexuality is often considered superficial, sexual health is extremely important in a relationship. Things wax and wane but I have counseled couples who have gone months and even years without sexually pleasing one another. Being out of alignment sexually can occur for any number of reasons but it is a major sign that there is something unbalanced in the relationship. Whether it’s mounting resentments that keep you from engaging or even resistance to connecting sexually with one another it’s important to pay attention to the sexual health of a relationship. Opening an honest and safe dialogue if you notice that things are declining in this area is crucial towards shifting the tide. This is not a time to be confrontational or use it as a pity party but to honestly discuss what is happening.

Relationship Warning Sign #2 – You are picking fights.

This is often considered to be part of the female shadow aspect but both partners fall victim to this tendency. If you are constantly picking fights, nit picking on their faults or generally being difficult to get along with this is a sign of something being out of balance. Whether you are using your partner as a scapegoat or a battering ram it’s not healthy to create conflict where no conflict need exist. Its typically a sign that you either want them to do the dirty work for you or that you are holding on to resentments and rather than dealing with things head-on you are using small, unrelated things, to unleash your frustration. It’s important to ask yourself why you are creating conflict and if there is something underneath all of this that is the root of the issue. If you realize that you are using his socks being on the floor as a scapegoat for forgetting your anniversary or that secretly you are unhappy and are hoping to make him so as well then you can begin to have a dialogue with what should come next. 

Relationship Warning Sign #3 – You feel the need to change to make your partner happy.

We are all influenced by the people we spend the most time with, this is a given. When we begin to cross the line between influence and changing who you are at your very core in order to try to appease another. It is crucial that we understand a relationship should be two WHOLE individuals coming together in a joint partnership. We cannot expect to make our relationships work or retain the relationship with the self by morphing who we are to be more appealing or desirable to another. If you find that there is a gap in the beliefs and ideals held sacred between you two then its important to examine together what this means. Are the new beliefs compatible in any way or are they mutually exclusive, leaving you two arguing more than enraging with one another?

Don’t ignore the signs; listen to your body.

This is perhaps the most important thing I will discuss in this article. I’ve touched on the fact that when we experience the declining or shifting of a relationship we have a tendency to ignore the signs that are right in front of us but it’s hard to ignore what our bodies are telling us. Much sooner than the heart or the mind, our bodies often know far in advance that something is rotten in Denmark. It’s important to listen to what our bodies are telling us. Do we tense up around our lover? Do we feel anxious or wake in the middle of the night in hot sweats? It’s very important to journal or log how you are feeling and whether your body is trying to tell you something that your heart and mind perhaps have been avoiding hearing.

Just because you see some of these signs in your relationship doesn’t mean that things are necessarily irreparable and you are destined for an ending. Provided that both of you are willing counseling, coaching and other modes of psychotherapy are incredibly helpful when fixing issues in a connection. It is not easy or painless. Our relationships are often direct models of the relationship we have with ourselves. When one sours we can invest in a bit of self-inquiry regarding the other. We have to look at how we perhaps are modeling behavior or triggering behavior within our partner that is counterproductive to a healthy relationship. Its deep business, for sure, but the fact is unless we are willing to do the hard work we cannot expect the good results.


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