She Can Tell The Difference

***Photo not my own but found on web. If you are or know the source please message me so I an appropriately credit!***

Most women you meet will say they knew instantly their beloved was the one.

They know as well, when it’s time to say goodbye—even though many live with this knowing for many years before, if ever, acting on it.

She knows the difference even if you think you hide it well. Love, like the most vibrant of colors is something which begs to stand out.

She knows the difference between what you’re truly passionate about and what you feign interest in. The ways your eyes light up and the joy fills your body when you’re discussing a round of golf, the latest gadget you’re working on figuring out or spending time with good friends. It’s palpable.
It’s so evident, she can’t help but notice the slumped shoulders, the far off distant stare and the “yeah'” or “sure’s” uninterestedly given in reply to her.

She can tell the difference and feels the lack. She notices how once, long, heartfelt love notes adorned her inbox or nightstand have turned into two sentenced blurbs that fall just slightly under the character limit for a tweet, when you send them at all.

She can tell the difference in how you can walk by her 1000 times and never once embrace her. She can hardly tell any difference between how you kiss her and how you peck your aunt on the cheek at family gatherings. It’s not a distinction that leaves her feeling good.

She can tell the difference in how willing you are to jump, sing and dance over something you want, something that means something to you and how you brush her efforts off.