January 15, 2018





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Tarot is a wonderful tool for empowerment and guidance. It helps us to tap into unconscious wisdom that resides within and is a direct link to our higher self. But there are two cards that can immediately shift the tone of a reading. Those two cards that the moment people see them they instantly freeze. Their pulse quickens and there is fear that settles in.

But these so called negative cards have some love to offer. They have purpose to impart and when we change the lens through which we view them. We can move from fear to power.


Normally people see this card and immediately want to shut down the session. But the truth is the devil has nothing at all to do with the Christian version of the devil. There is nothing to fear here unless digging into our own destructive habits scares you. And it does scare many of us but therein is the medicine. See the devil represents what holds us in bondage. Those primal, habitual behavior that feel so good in the moment but end up costing us so much in the long run. It’s the tendency to drink too much even though we know we will wake feeling like death warmed over. It’s the addict who cannot help but grab the needle. Or the shopaholic who finds any excuse to justify blowing large sums of money over and over again. It’s those patterns that take away stability from our foundation.
But here is the power-the more awareness we create around the habits that do not serve us the more we are in a position of power to take action to change these behaviors. We can enlist in help to support our change. We can take back control over our lives the closer and more intimately we get with the habits that keep us locked.



Death is one of those cards that can take the breath away. We immediately begin to think of the worst-case scenarios but the truth is it has nothing at all to do with fatal death. The death card represents the ending of a situation. The ending of a job, a relationship, a way of thinking or behaving. This may or may not be a massive consolation to some of you given how we all tend to view change. For many of us it can feel like a literal death when we face an ending and the change that accompanies it of something we value dearly. But the truth is life is not meant to be static. Sometimes things are meant to end. We are meant to face the pain of this ending, the instability of the ending and the recovery that always, no matter how deep in the thick of it we may fall, comes after. The endings that death represents are the very bones through which we learn what we are made of and are often what knock us onto the path we are meant to be on to actualize our purpose and evolve into our most whole and authentic selves.

Tarot is ultimately a tool of empowerment and enlightenment and that applies to those cards which portend potentially challenging circumstances as well. Perhaps even more so. The more that we can open to the insight that pours forth without judgement and characterization the more we can work with this insight in an inspiring way. We can turn our habits into opportunities to change and build a better life. We can face an ending with grace and ease and allow healing to take place.

We can accept that this life is not meant to be lived merely in length but width as well and rather than hide from messages that conflict with the vision we have we can instead joyfully open to what is available.




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