September 22, 2016

Turning Of The Wheel: Autumn Equinox





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Today we celebrate another turning of the wheel as we usher in Autumn and its vivid hues. The winds are blowing strong here today in my neck of the woods and the air has a chill to it that didn’t exist just yesterday. 

As I looked around today I noticed the trees have started to shift, their colors changing as the birds and squirrels pace the ground looking for bounty to see them into the cooler months. I too am reminded of the bounty before me. I look around at my life and feel a sense of pride at the changes I have made this year. Shifting, successfully, through a rebrand that allowed me to shed the skin of old and welcome in the new. Building a community of sisters across the globe that feel like home. Growing closer and stronger in my bond with my husband and children. Even though the year was not without challenges (there were a shit ton) I have no complaints as I look around, in this moment and absorb what is. 

And that is the message energetically for today. As I drew the cards for the daily reading on Instagram I felt the need to help shift the perspective to allow room for gratitude and surrender. To take in, beautifully, all that our lives contain, all the work we have done, all that we have successfully and not so successfully navigated to bring us to this very moment. This very day. 

As we celebrate Autumn (or Mabon for my Witchy readers) we are called to evaluate the role of abundance in our lives. How can be broaden our definition and perception of abundance to include the things in life that truly make us rich. Anyone can have dollars in the bank but its our abundance in other areas which allows us to feel a keen sense of security in this world. Even if our monetary capital should wane we have spiritual, relational and emotional capital that ultimately will see us through even the toughest of times. 

What does abundance look like to you? In what ways have you allowed your perception of abundance to become tied too much to what is in the bank and not what is in your heart? Today as we celebrate another turn in the wheel pause and take it all in. Get down on your hands in knees and kiss Mama Earth. Smell the leaves as they begin to change and take in the sights of all of nature beginning to shed the skin of old to awake renewed in the Spring. 

I send you many blessings and Autumn magic!


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