April 3, 2019

Aries New Moon | Sacred Selfishness + Personal Transformation




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The New Moon in Aries on Friday, April 5th is a beautiful expansion of energy that helps us to get dialed into what we are doing and who we are going to be while we are doing it.

Aries energy is an invitation to make our needs and desires top priority. For many of us this can be an uncomfortable door opening because we have been taught to believe that our needs come after the numerous hats we wear. In fact, those i work with in my Magnetism Sessions often spend the longest time and have the most trouble with the Havingness Phase because it is here that their wants and desires must be made TOP priority.

It’s always the same resistance. Feeling that it’s `selfish and that they cannot possibly put themselves before their kids, their partners, their family. I get it. I’ve been there. In fact, i dont think there is a person alive who has not been there. But we cannot stay there. I coined the phrase sacred selfishness to remind us that making our wants, needs and dreams a priority is not only necessary it is a sacred act.

We did not come here to struggle. We are not here to wake up, work hard, pay bills, go to bed and rinse and fucking repeat. That paradigm is old. Its outdated and reflects a mindset devised to keep the majority from expressing their fullest potential and thus only allowing room for a few to soar to new and improved heights.

But YOU, my darling, also can soar. There isn’t a disparity between classes because of a finite amount of resources but because we have allowed ourselves to bask under the scorchingly hot wool that has been put over our eyes. WE are allowed to take the wool off. We are allowed to have, to accomplish, to achieve, to feel all the richness, vibrancy and deliciousness that this life has to offer and it doesn’t matter how old we are, where we are coming from or what we used to believe.

Aries energy is just the right energy for making this shift. For stepping into sacred selfishness and reminding ourselves that our wants and needs; our dreams and ambitions, matter too. That we cannot feasibly be our best to anyone or anything else if we have not first allowed ourselves the space to make ourselves matter most. Self sacrificing to the point of martyrdom isn’t hot and it doesn’t look good on anyone.

Aries invites us back into ourselves. Just like the infant crying in the middle of the night, desperate for a meal and unconcerned with waking its sleeping parents, your needs deserve to be met. Is the infant crying in the middle of the night wrong to wake her parents simply because she needs a meal? Should she force down the gnawing hunger so as not to wake her tired parents?

The answer is no.

And you and your beautiful needs are no less important.

This is a New Moon, meaning that a door is opening before us. Everything is coming together. The old is beginning to fade away, pieces are gelling and getting in order so that the whole is seen. And this gives us the room to begin a new chapter. One where our needs, our desires, who we are and what we are about, are put at the forefront and are the place from which we lead. It’s a personal transformation but at the same time it’s a sweet familiarity reminiscent of coming home. Because this is our original state. This sacred selfishness and awareness that our needs matter and are no less important than another’s is our natural state. Its the balance we seek. The imbalance is the constant giving and showing up with presence, and self sacrifice that has us putting others needs and wants before our own.

The solution is this coming home to ourselves. A transformation as well as a homecoming.

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