April 15, 2018

Aries New Moon: A Catalyst For Rapid Change




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Sunday April 15th marks both an Aries New Moon and Mercury stationing direct. A few days later Chiron stations 2 degrees Aries and Saturn moves into his retrograde. This makes for a week of astrological weather that is set to knock everyone in their ass and shake up the status quo. 

Buckle up, buttercup

If you’ve been behaving yourself, working hard and flexing that integrity then this is likely to spell a very productive time. If you have been trying to screw the little guy or control situations for your own personal benefit chances are your shady ass behavior will be illuminated and the world will see you for you and what you are. 

But this is cool, because at heart we are all capable of being good people which means that if something comes to the forefront and we catch some shit it provides the foundation upon which we can make some changes. 

And change is very much what this week is going to be about.

Chiron moving into Aries along with this new moon in Aries gives us the fire to go after what we want. To look around and ask “is this what I want” and then take action towards making the vision we see one we jive with.  Chiron in Aries helps us to turn our wounds into catalysts for change. 

Aries is a spunky energy. Its a “get out of my way, I’ve got shit I want” type of energy. Its a fantastic energy for creating movement but its also a selfish energy. Aries wants what it wants when it wants it. Its not likely that someone harnessing Aries energy is going to stop and consider how their actions will impact others. Like an infant that wants its late night feeding

Aries doesn’t give a shit who he has to wake in the middle of the night or barrel over to get to what he or she is after. Aries simply sees something that tickles their fancy and off they go with nary a thought more. For this reason we often perceive Aries energy as being impulsive and it can be-Aries acts now and thinks later. 
We will want to temper this potential because while Mercury is stationing direct we still have another two weeks before the messenger of the Gods is out of its shadow phase. This means that while the energy feels freer than it did during this tense to the point of ass clenching Mercury Retrograde we are still not out of the woods and need to be mindful of the choices we make and any major decisions on the horizon. 

Slow down, tiger

This Aries energy, especially as it relates to Chiron in Aries on the 17th and also Saturn turning retrograde, is going to highlight our impetuous behaviors. Those who tend to operate from this place as a baseline (people like the little orange demagogue in the White House, for example) are going to be on fire-so much so they may spontaneously combust when they go too far.
Expect a firestorm of tweets from the Cheeto in chief.  Not surprisingly, the day of the Aries new moon, Former CIA director James Comey’s interview airs (*cough, cough* the calling out of shady ass behavior I mentioned…). 

On a personal level this week is a time for us to get serious about what we want for ourselves.

For most of us who do not operate from a self absorbed, impetuous baseline, a little sacred selfishness is the exact flavor our pallet craves. We have a fresh opportunity to get creative with what we desire for life and the changes we need to make to become the person capable of building that life. 

The person who built what we left behind before Sunday’s new moon is not going to be the person who builds the life we desire after it. This means we need to work at breaking the habit of being ourselves. Sure there are some way too aspects of the self that can come along for the ride but we will need to cultivate brand new ways of perceiving if want to build something new. 

The good news is that Aries is anything if not inventive meaning that we will have no shortage of creative ideas from which to draw inspiration. And inspired action is the best action. 

What changes are you looking to make to your life as we enter Aries season and expand into the change unfolding around us? What blocks your path? Lets set up your personal one-on-one Intuitive Tarot reading to give you clarity on not just what is ahead for you but what magic you can make with it. 


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