April 3, 2017

April Intuitive Medicine




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Welcome to April, a month known for its melody of colors and sometimes tumultuously sporadic weather. The Earth is yawning and adjusting after her winter sleep and we too experience an inner awakening. A call that asks we begin anew and open to the fertile possibilities before us.

This month is rich with astrological events which pave the way for new beginnings and contemplation and begins with Mercury Retrograde beginning April 9th, the day before the Full Moon. Mercury will first retrograde in Taurus, a phase which could bring trouble with how we choose to use our words. The penchant for oversharing or even gossiping will be strongly balanced with moments of extreme reticence where we hardly speak at all. When Mercury moves through Aries our words will become tools where we can clearly pitch our ideas and convey our thoughts in a manner which will be highly persuasive-again being mindful that we are using our power of increased persuasion as a means of doing good and not for selfish or manipulative ends.

On April 10th we welcome a Full Moon in Libra. This transit has us balancing the fiery individualism of Aries (where the Sun will be positioned) with our interaction in our relationships and community. We are encouraged to explore how our sense of self is shaped by the awareness that we are part of the collective. When we look into the mirror we are encouraged to see not just the face of the person we are today but every version of ourselves that has come before. We celebrate our evolution both past and present as the face that will stare back at us in 5 years’ time will be different than the one we see today. The fantastic joy of being an organic and constantly evolving human being.

April 26th ushers in a New Moon in Taurus-a time when the seeds we planted during the New Moon on March 27th begin to take form. They start to open and curl up through dirt, reaching ever skyward. This is a great time to take a look at the intentions you set last month and explore what added stability you can lend. Taurus, as an Earth sign is a powerful energy for grounding our desires. But its more than simply desire-intention is a commitment to creating achievement. This means that this transit will be more about the actions we take, or don’t take, then it will be simply sending out our desire into the collective consciousness.


Let’s take a look at the intuitive transmissions for each sign, this month paying attention to what we can awaken to within ourselves just as the Earth is awakening, stretching her limbs upward. I encourage you to reach both your Sun and Moon sign and should your birthday fall within 7-10 days of a signs transition (cusp sign) read that sign as well.



Can you feel the power humming in the air around you, Aries? As though you are standing atop a mountain gazing out over a brilliant vista with lightening curling through the sky above you, there is a sense that movement may prove difficult and yet paradoxically, essential. The choices before you will leave you more confused than certain. The penchant for searching and grasping at absolutes will only further this sense of being adrift. Rather you are to awaken to your relationship with balance. With the power to create absolutely anything you desire how can you entertain desire with obligation? How can you approach a choice not with a sense of a right or wrong path but rather through an honest assessment of what each choice presents to see which holds greatest resonance? The more that you can ground with a sense of practical assessment rather than the quick, hair-trigger reactions your sign is sometimes known for, the more that you will find no matter the storm, you stand strong.



This month you awaken to expanding into hope. To welcome the return of that ever present but sometimes obscured radiance that helps to light the path ahead. You have travelled far. You have encountered shadowy figures and experiences that have, at times, tested your resolve and your will. Now, however, you are encouraged to embrace the radiance before you; no longer obscured this light beckons to you. “Follow me”, it whispers and follow it you should. So long as you maintain your faith, maintain your progression on the path you are currently on the light will lead you to the threshold where all that you have gone through will be in the past. Deviate from this path or allow doubt and fear to grab hold of you and the darker influences you have slain will return. Now is not the time to question what was or to doubt actions taken to get you to here. Because here is the way. Here is the path forward.



There is a beautiful duality that infuses each of our lives and this month you are awakening to the duality within yours more closely. You are examining a desire to be loved with the desire to be independent. You are balancing the need for security with an insatiable desire for what can destroy it. And when you peel back the layers and take an honest look at what lies beneath it all you find fear. A relationship that has been built with fear over time. A relationship that you may no longer be conscious of or understand how it became what it is today. You are awakening to the ways in which fear has been given the keys and the wheel and the title of the car and has driven your life in such a way that you cannot help but to wonder how things may look different now that you know what fear has done. Now that you have chosen to take back ownership of your life. Now that you recognize you’re cable of balancing the duality life presents without allowing fear to keep you trapped in smallness.



April brings forth fresh opportunities for you to return to innocence. To return to the child you were who created jungles rich with verdant plant life and wild animals within your backyard. The child who would leap from tree branch after tree branch, impervious of fear even when you missed the mark. The child who couldn’t fathom something the mind could conjure would be impossible to achieve. Its time to awaken again to possibility that exists no matter your age. All the places your imagination could take you still await. This possibility did not betray you or leave you but rather you left it. You became an adult with adult concerns and put aside dreams and wild adventures. They call to you now-they ask that you get to know them again and see the magic they can weave within your life.



What is slipping out of you hands as of late, Leo? What things did you let go of that perhaps you wish you hadn’t? Life is fickle at times and causes us to, in turn, be fickle in response. We think that something doesn’t matter or that the effort needed to keep something is simply too much. And you know what? Sometimes we are right. Somethings are meant to slip through our hands and move on for the highest good of all. And sometimes we realize that we let go of something that actually did have value. That brought value to our lives and that, when we are really honest with ourselves, we truly miss. This month you are encouraged to open to protectiveness that allows us to guard and maintain that which matters most to us. It requires that we set aside ego and vanity and instead step fully into selflessness to do so but I am assured that its totally worth the effort.



There are paths before you that will take you places. They will bring relief to any struggles you’ve encountered. There are paths that will make freedom a reality rather than a long sought and hardly attained dream. But you have to be willing to awaken to their existence. You must open your eyes and climb as high as you need to look down and see the bigger picture. What you think imprisons you right now really is just an illusion. Its made worse by the panic that sets in when we become reactive and allow our minds to project the worst case scenario. The beasts seem larger, the situations direr. In truth we simply need to elevate our perspective to see that with hardly any fancy footwork at all we can saunter, confidently, past the obstacles. Past the beasts that now seem so small. Past the fear and panic that hang their heads knowing now you see them for what they are and are moving beyond them.



The work that you have done is coming to completion, forming a bond with ourselves, spiritually, that allows you to see clearly that which you came here for. You stand before the world fully formed and strong in your expression. You no longer waver or doubt but rather with a sound awareness and an unshakable strength, you stand tall.  You see the circle. You see the path that you have travelled and nod your head in understanding. Every hiccup and every challenge has meaning. No longer are you hampered by self pity or woe. Rather you see how each event, the good, the bad and the indifferent, led you to this moment. And in this moment you feel complete. You feel ready to share what you have learned. You feel capable of being authentically you and in so doing help others to find the same for themselves.



Every relationship of meaning and purpose contains seeds of duality that balance the dynamic when two become one. Their strengths help balance our weaknesses. Our interaction together assists the elevation of our collective consciousness, which brings rise to a greater bond and intimacy between us. In order to achieve this level of union and intimacy, however, we must first have the fortitude within. We must have a strong relationship with the self. We must know our worth, be connected to our voice and feel confident in who we are. Until then we find we grasp rather than allow. We sabotage instead of construct. We struggle rather than experience ease. But when we find these things for ourselves. When we fill our well from a place that acknowledges our value while also digs in deep to the parts of ourselves we may not yet feel confident about, we find that we can create bonds that stand the test of time. Relationships that seem nearly effortless. We find that where once there was grasping now there is exchanging.



This month you open to all the ways in which adversity has helped you to become the person you are today. A person who knows that there is always a calm within the storm. Someone who is able to stand triumphantly atop the mountain that once blocked the path. We know that it all begins with a choice. And that choice, when we seek it consistently, becomes our truth. For many years we have allowed our choice to remain the same. To follow the same path, with the same experiences, the same patterns and the same reactions. And in return we saw that nothing truly changed and perhaps only marginally got better. This month, however, you awaken to the choice to choose differently and with that comes a greater power to affect change in your life. Because there is no adversity that will take you down. There is no struggle too great with the self knowledge you have gained.



It can be a struggle to manage it all. To build something for ourselves that resonates while being of service to our family, our home, our community. It can be difficult when we are a beacon that attracts those to us who need something. And to us they come because they know that we have an innate ability to make them feel better. To make them feel safe and comforted. But it’s something we can manage and manage well when we are sure to show that same level of nurturing to ourselves. To ensure that there is a balance between what we give to others and how we give to ourselves. This month you are to awaken to all the ways you show love to yourself each day. To write them out so that you can see the tangible reflection of the self love you hold for yourself. You are encouraged to examine whether your list is long and fluid or if you struggle to come up with anything to write down. Because its in awakening to the ways you do or do not show consistent self love that you become aware of how you can improve your personal well being and in so doing show up more fully in all other roles that are important to you.



This month you are to cradle yourself. To nurture your soft spots. Your vulnerabilities. To support all the tender parts of yourself that are calling for your attention. To see how soft you can be towards yourself and then push yourself to be even softer. We must care for ourselves as a mother would care for her child. Rather than the aggression and self loathing that we sometimes dish upon ourselves with reckless abandon we must see ourselves as a small child, who sometimes gets scared in this big, big world. Who sometimes just needs someone stronger than her to hold her. To remind her that all will be right again. That no matter what scary monsters we think hide under our bed, the morning will come again; the light casting out the darkness. Be this for yourself, Aquarius. Remind yourself that the way towards true harmony with who we are is to be as tender with ourselves as we would any small child. Feel how this expands your ability to create. How it allows you to radiate and manifest fulfillment in all things you do.



There is a sense of divine feminine awakening taking place in April for Pisces. A sense of radiant energy emanates from our fingertips and reaches outward even while we have our feet planted firmly on the ground. We are reminded of our ability to participate in the divine even while walking within the mundane. And in so doing we see doors opening before us. Doors that invite new energy, events and opportunities to our lives. Newness can be daunting, however, and we sometimes have to resist the urge to back away from new things coming towards us. We may doubt or fear that we are not enough. We may worry that we are not ready. But we are ready. We’ve been ready and we have also been longing for each of the things that are coming towards us. Now is the time to embrace what we have long asked for, not run away in fear. Because what we’ve longed for has also longed for us and its here now, ready for us to make room and to nurture its magic.




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