Year Ahead 2019 Reading

Year Ahead 2019 Reading

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A new year filled with fresh opportunity, abundant room for growth and absolute personal magnetism!

Its that time of year again-for us to look forward with awareness that regardless of the previous 12 months, we’ve got before us a fresh opportunity for growth and possibility. Possibility to create new dreams and build upon old ones.

A chance to become the person you’ve longed to become.

But like anything in this joyous and sometimes complicated journey, its best we not go into things unprepared. We expand our capacity to create, to show up with presence, to make the best of each moment, when we approach it with empowerment.

The empowerment of knowing the energies at play, the opportunities available to us and the challenges we may face and how to navigate them. This is why my Year Ahead reading is, year after year, hands down my most popular reading.

But its not just any reading.

This is your personal, bespoke book for 2019. We go deep into the energy of each month with its own personal reading giving you a clear picture of what the month will hold for you. Its like receiving 12 monthly readings in one artfully designed e-Book that you can download and print, keep notes in the margin and read as you travel through each month.

And did I mention space is limited?

These readings are no joke. They take some time to do and do well and for this reason I am only offering 6 slots. Each year these readings sell out. Often I am begged to open up a few more spaces and some years I can grant this request but not often. It depends entirely on how efficiently I can move through the 6 readings and let me tell you that doing this, while being a mom, wife and all around human living this life-’t always allow for that to happen. I give myself a month to do 6 and honestly I soak up every single day to devote to your readings. I refuse to compromise quality and that is a good thing. BUT it means that if you are interested its not something to wait on.

These 6 spots will get filled and will fill FAST!!

When you purchase you will be directed to a form. Please fill this out as completely as possible as this will help provide the context for the reading.

You will receive your reading by 12/31-just in time for the new year. Please note it will be delivered to the email associated with your order so be sure to use one that you check often.

If you have ANY questions please let me know!

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