These transformative sessions are held either in person or via Skype. Please note that these sessions and both their intuitive and therapeutic benefits transcend time and space and there is no difference in benefit whether you are in person with me or online. 

We will gather for 75 minutes and begin discussing what brings you to receive an Intuitive Alchemy session. We will talk about your goals, where you are right now and where you desire to go, what you desire to achieve. During this time the intuitive channels will be open allowing guidance to flow naturally and help us to understand all that we can about any potential obstruction created for or by you and what paths exist before you. 

We will then move into the healing portion of the session wherein I will cleanse you body, mind and spirit. We will remove obstruction and begin healing of both inherited trauma and wounding from this lifetime.

*Please note that depending on the level of inherited and present trauma as well as severity of emotional, mental and spiritual manifestation full healing in a single session may not be possible. This is why I offer bundles that gift you with a savings so that you can allow each session to build upon the other. 

We will finish with a energetic and spiritual reset to divine perfection and discussion to summarize and send you on your way with steps for taking the work into the "real world". 

These sessions are potent and you will experience symptoms of cleansing much as you do during detox and even after massage. Its strongly encouraged you schedule your session on a day when you have time to devote the hours after our time together to self-care and self-nurturing. Your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies will be in full release and we will spend additional time before ending to explain what some of these symptoms may be and how to tend to them. 

If you have any questions as to whether these sessions can be of service to you feel free to contact me. 

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