Energy Medicine Session

Energy Medicine Session


Energy is the blueprint, the construct, the invisible container for the health of your body and mind. When your energy is blocked, in short supply or suppressed your body is unable to sustain optimal life. This leads to disease, sickness and a host of emotional and psychological maladjustments.

I offer a variety of healing modalities from Shamanic energy cleansing, chakra balancing and alignment, Reiki and vibrational sound medicine to name a few.


Our sessions will be 60 minutes long and will be a container for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and healing. We will employ a blend of energetic healing modalities tailored to you and your exquisite needs.

For each session- I work intuitively meaning I open to insight from your energy, guides and your body. After our session, with your permission, I will share what information came through. Please note that if you are struggling with a chronic problem or a deep imbalance we will address these over a series of session to be determined after your initial healing.

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