Laura Brown

Welcome! I am an Intuitive Counselor, Tarot reader, energetic healer and coach. I work with individuals who seek answers and a means through which they can transform their trauma and open to true and lasting change.

I am educated and/or trained in Metaphysical Psychology, Energetic Healing, Intuitive Counseling, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Integration and Healing, Inherited Trauma Therapy, EFT, NLP, Shamanism and Cognitive Behavioral Coaching.


I have experienced first hand the power intuitive tools gives us in our pursuit of a full and holistic life.


Before I built my dream career (which is abundant, prosperous and also not without its ups and downs!), dream marriage (filled with lots of love but yes lots of challenge too)and an overall sense of wellbeing and peace within myself and my life (but yes, I do still have those shit days with a shitty mood!) I was a very young, very angry and very wounded individual. I was riddled with trauma that before I even graduated high school had me making mistakes that could have derailed my entire life. Trauma, that in my early twenties, I resolved to heal and leave in the past.

See I gave birth to a beautiful little boy in 2002 and knew that if I was going to be worth anything to him I needed to tackle my own shit.

After trying traditional therapy and medication for depression and anxiety I came across my first Tarot deck and was immediately enraptured in the study of the signs, symbols and meaning of this ancient tool of prediction and understanding. And so began a deeply soulful journey into the esoteric and mystical arts which I combined with my then studies into psychology and human nature.

Where traditional therapy left me frustrated and stagnant, Tarot, intuitive readings as well as energetic and mystic medicine provided healing that reached deep into my marrow. When combined with my growing interest in consciousness, these intuitive tools took on a life of their own. They fast tracked my healing, helped me reshape the narrative I told and helped transform my trauma allowing for full and total release.

In 2001 I began offering my unique blend of Intuitive counseling, coaching and energetic healing to the public professionally and haven’t looked back since. My healing became my calling and through this work I have helped thousands transform their trauma, find the answers they seek and build the life they desire.


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- My Philosophy

I believe that we are deeply complex human creatures with a vast and limitless cosmic presence.

I believe that in order for us to achieve sustainable wellbeing, balance and flow in our lives we must learn to activate our animal and divine self.

The length and width of this experience is entirely co-authored by us. Each moment a co-creation between us and the Universe that requires we be fully present and completely engaged. When we incorporate ancient spiritual wisdom into our modern lives we find this wild synergistic relationship that hits the mark.

Gone are the days of feeling an inescapable void and feeling like we are barely living half a life. And enter the days that are rich with purpose, integrity, authenticity and orgasmic joy.


-My Clients

I work with radically creative, adventurous beings who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. My clients are those who have a little rebel in them and refuse to be boxed in.

I work with men and women who are tired of living half a life and who strive for greatness. Who are ready to examining their personal narrative and confront maybe even love up on their shadow so that they can fully embrace their light.

I work with those who believe they are more than their past trauma. Those who believe total healing is possible because their innate state is one of wholeness and perfection.

I work with those ready to take radical responsibility for their life knowing that unless they do everything remains the same.


Lets set up your complimentary 20 minute discovery call to get an idea of how I can best help you.