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im into spiritual shit

Not the woo-woo juju that seems accessible to only a few. Rather the kind that I can fit between school drop off’s, grabbing the groceries, running my business and loving on my crazy hot husband.


I seek the spiritual shit that fits into modern life because that is what I live

A busy, hectic, sometimes messy and always delicious, modern life with a lot on my plate. I came upon the spiritual tools that have now become my life’s work during a particular dirty time of unraveling trauma, conditioning and myriad missteps. It was this accessible approach to spiritual shit that helped me pull myself up and keeps me grounded, living a life with deeper meaning.

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My credo is simple-to live fully we must make our spiritual wellbeing a top priority as we do our physical health. When we approach our life, our trauma with intuitive tools we find true healing and freedom. My healing became my calling and I have helped thousands find the answers they seek and the lasting change and relief from trauma they deserve

I am educated and/or trained in Metaphysical Psychology, Energy Medicine, Intuitive Counseling, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Integration and Healing, Inherited Trauma Therapy, EFT, NLP, Shamanism, Spirit Communication, Shadow Work, Manifesting/Law of Attraction and Cognitive Behavioral Coaching.

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What I do

I weave together my experience as a Tarot reader, energetic healer, counselor and coach to provide a unique set of offerings that speak directly to both your complex human experience and the cosmic wildlands of your spirit. I lead you out from behind the fog to find clarity and help you lead from a place of authenticity

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Those who refuse to settle for half a life. Who know they are more than their trauma.Who are brave enough to take radical responsibility for their lives And to reap the crazy delicious benefits that come to them when they do. mystics, visionaries, creatives, those who refuse to be beaten down. I serve you.

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