February 22, 2018

Seven Tips To Successful Manifesting




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This article was originally posted on site 1/7/2017 and on Elephant Journal

The beginning of a new year represents a time when there are myriad opportunities for creating a fresh start in our lives.

We all feel the excitement and allure of having a blank slate before us upon which a new narrative, a new story, can be written. We gleefully explore all the different ways that we can manifest what we desire our life to look like and life becomes a series of lists and wishes.

Manifesting, or conscious creation is a powerful tool for creating change in life, but so many of us dismiss its potency or become frustrated when what we are working to manifest does not seem to come to us. When things do not move as we expected, we abandon our manifesting and easily fall back into previous patterns.

It’s not that manifesting doesn’t work, in fact my life is a living example that life, the universe, God or Goddess (however you wish to attribute this life source energy) is as limitless as are we. I went from being 20 years old with a newborn baby and still in college to running a soulful and yet profitable six-figure business. I went from being a single mother, just beginning her business, after yet another relationship bit the dust, to marrying the man of my dreams and loving every moment of it, even 10 years later.

Our current station in life doesn’t matter, nor do the mistakes we’ve made or where we come from. But knowing how to manifest is just as important as our commitment to staying the course. It’s easy to give up when things do not work as we wish. It’s harder yet to stay committed and brush up on our skills so that we work with the flow.

In my work with manifesting (for myself and teaching others how to do so, effectively) I have found that there are seven things that make for successful manifesting:


1. Be the master of your (mental) domain.

Those who manifest successfully do so because they are diligent about what enters their mind space. Successful manifestation requires that we do daily audits (and sometimes hourly if we are entirely new to this process) to create awareness of our thoughts. For many of us, our baseline tends to be a poverty mindset with thoughts more focused on challenges, obstacles, lack and limitation. It’s impossible to vibrationally align yourself with what you desire if your mind is cluttered with the energy of lack. The good news is that just as we programmed our brains to focus on lack, we are just as capable of retraining our brain to the vibrational equivalent of what we seek. Our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs determine our actions. Strive for thoughts which create opportunity, not drive it away.

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