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5 Simple Ways To Flip The Manifesting Switch


I have a secret to tell. Are you ready? I am a sucker for a quick fix. I know, I know, that is such a dirty set of words, right? Quick and fix so seldomly fit well together. Typically they are a recipe for disaster. But I can’t help it-I am a firm believer that just about anything has an easier route if we try.

This includes manifesting.

The entire idea around Effortless Manifesting which is the process I teach and take my clients through, in my Elevate Mentorship, is that manifesting is a natural process. Like breathing or blinking your eyes its an automatic process.

We make it difficult by overthinking it, creating subconscious blocks and generally ignoring our energetic health as though its nothing more than new-age woo.

But the very nature of the cosmos is to transmute energy into matter. This creative energy has a singular purpose-to become matter. Ergo Effortless Manifesting is, indeed, our birthright and entirely possible.

But how do we flip that switch? How can we easily and instantly get out of the paradigm of doing and overdoing the process of manifesting and move into Effortless Manifesting?

Well, lucky for you, I have a few tried and true suggestions!

Shut up.

I know it’s not polite and I do apologize. But the simple truth is we all need to speak less and listen more. We are a species infatuated with our voices. Think about how often you speak. And then consider the content of what you’re saying. You are telling your old story. You’re complaining about the person driving too slow in front of you as you hurry to get to work. You are bemoaning the electric bill. You are telling yourself over and over again how tired you are of cleaning up after your kid spills their milk for the 10th time that day (or maybe that’s just me).

We spend so much time loose at the lips and so often the contents are habitual and static. It’s expanding, by virtue of the tiny spell your words cast, the emotion behind the words and the focus you are putting behind the words you speak, the very pathways of creative energy that you do NOT want to see expanded. So the solution is to shut up. To say little and listen much. Listen to those around you. Listen to the birds outside your window. Truly witness and open to the natural flow of life happening all around you. Speak with intention and curate each thought behind each word with such care. Expand the channels you want to see expand and with this deeper awareness around how you speak, how often and the contents therein, you will find a surefire way to do just that.

Get clear.

I am sure you’ve heard this one before but it bears repeating and here is why. If you don’t know what you’re really after how will you know when you get it?

And let’s spill the tea here-what you think you want likely isn’t what you want. For years I strived for money. I wanted my business to be successful and for me, that meant buckets of money.

And I got it. And then realized with a sinking pit in my belly that I didn’t feel satisfied. I had to do some pretty hard digging in some very dirty internal waters to realize what I wanted most was not money but the security I felt money brought.

Money, for me, was a tool for not having utilities cut off or to have to move in the middle of the night or watch your car being repoed as I walked out of a movie rental joint. All of which was what I experienced while growing up and did not want my children experiencing.

And in truth, I had that. And I didn’t even realize it because I had attached security to money without realizing what I was really after. This meant that every time money floated slightly up or down my sense of security did as well. And that didn’t feel good.

And by clarity, I do suggest to get granular.

It’s not enough to just say I want a relationship because in could walk Captain I-cheat-on-my-partner-with-anything- that-walks”. I am betting that is not what you had in mind when it comes to manifesting a relationship and if it was then we should probably examine why. But I digress. We place our order to the Universe when we get clear on what we want. If I walked into McD’s to get my kids a happy meal and they wanted chicken nuggets I would tell the person behind the counter I just want some chicken. No, I would state clearly what I wanted. The same applies here. We do control the how or the when. What we control is the order we place. So it’s important to get granular. To speak with clarity of vision on precisely what we want.

Stop doing the opposite of what you want.

When we are calling something else in but then all our energy and focus in on something else or accepting far less than that we are sending mixed signals to the Universe as well as to ourselves.

This represents a gap between our conscious desires and our subconscious beliefs. It also takes us out of energetic alignment with what we desire. What makes effortless manifesting so effortless is that we tackle the energy of manifesting as well as the psychology of manifesting.

In this instance, both are out of whack.

If I want a loving relationship with someone who is totally available and open and loyal I cannot then partake in casual relationships with people who are emotionally unavailable. My actions directly speak to the gap between my subconscious and my conscious.

Additionally, on an energetic level when we partake in the opposite of what we really want for ourselves the emotional resonance is not a positive one. We often feel deflated, let down, disappointed, regretful, etc. When we have what we desire for ourselves we will feel elated, joyful, hopeful, etc. There is a distinct difference with the emotional frequency of what we want versus what we do not. We must learn to invest our time and energy in those things which are furthering our alignment to what we desire and less time accepting less than what we desire if we wish to be in alignment with what we desire.

Examine your beliefs.

This is a process that is rather spiralic and takes considerable time. While it’s not necessarily an instant switch to flip in terms of releasing old beliefs and aligning with the new it is a way of getting the energy to shift and to remain shifted which ultimately translates into more consistent manifesting for you.

What most of us do not realize is that on some level we do not believe ourselves to be worthy of what we want. We do not believe ourselves deserving of it or that it’s even ok to want it. And sometimes, there is a part of us that even feels it’s unsafe to receive what we desire.

By examining our beliefs we begin to see the very foundation of the life we have curated thus far is a direct representation of the beliefs we hold in the subconscious. We no longer question and wonder “why me” because we see very, very clearly why we’ve manifested the life we have at present. This gives us an opportunity to question our beliefs, where they come from and to begin doing the very deep but very sacred work of healing the parts of us broken or misaligned and begin choosing, with intention, the new beliefs that will guide us into the life we desire.

Examine Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are the portals through which you perceive the world around you. They tell you about the beliefs held but they also have the potential to create new beliefs. For example, if we go through a traumatic breakup where our partners cheated on us we may begin telling ourselves over and over that others cannot be trusted. Pretty soon that repeated thought becomes a new belief. Additionally, our thoughts create an emotional response-a resonance. This means that our thoughts have the power to rather instantly place us either in alignment or out of alignment with what we desire for ourselves.

If I think thoughts that feel heavy, sad, hopeless I am tuned into that channel. The channel and thus the emotional frequency of what I desire is likely higher-hopeful, blessed, grateful, exciting, etc. These are the emotions I want to be aligned with because they align me with what I desire rather than what I do not desire.

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