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3 Ways To Shift Your Mindset


Hey there lovely! I hope you are enjoying the wind-down to August and Summer. I don’t know about you but girl, I am ready for some cooler weather. Here in Colorado, the weather is already beginning to shift at night, but we are still experiencing some pretty hot summer weather during the day. 

Nope-today, we are digging into the idea of mindset. Specifically, we are talking about ways that you can begin to shift your mindset. One of the first aspects of the work I do with clients in my Elevate Mentorship is honing in on mindset. It’s not just that where your mind goes, energy flows. Yes, I believe that to be (partially, anyway) true. But more importantly, we are, as a culture so over-identified with our thoughts. We struggle to know the difference between our reality and the story that we craft within. Mindset is the foundation of my Elevate Mentorship. It’s here where we can sit with, clean up, and release what is not serving. 

I could go on about the weather and my love of all things Autumn I didn’t come here to talk about that. 

*You will notice that many of these tips position us to deal with our current mindset. I do not believe that we can bypass facets of ourselves simply because we do not perceive it as “high vibe” enough. These are things we can do and put into practice that give us the spaciousness to bring awareness and healing.  This provides us with the space needed to choose the lens through which we perceive and interact with the world around us. 

So let’s get started, shall we?


Oooooh, I know. For many of you, this is the dirtiest of the dirty words but hold on just a moment. I am putting this one down first because it really is that important. Meditation serves a few purposes to this end. First, it helps us to foster awareness. The fact is if we are not aware of where our mindset is we cannot possibly know what needs shifting. When guiding yourself in this practice to change your mindset,  meditation is going to become your most reliable ally and most profound medicine.

Meditation helps us to unlock the subconscious, which is where the vast majority of our mindset is formed. It’s here that we begin to open the energetic portals that help us, by merely being in this space of stillness, to transmute the energy of our experience thereby healing those things which have cultivated a mindset that is ruled more by limitation than it is all of the possibility. 

Meditation helps to calm the nervous system so that we can cultivate micro spaces between moments that allow us to choose. To choose how we will interact with stimuli and how we will view it. This is essential to move from our former mindset into the space of choosing differently. This is a practice and one which meditation establishes the proper foundation for putting into place. 

Retrain The Brain

Think for just a moment about the amount of time you spend going over all that could go wrong. We worry about things that have not even happened yet to such a degree that we have trained our brain to look for evidence of EXACTLY WHAT CAN GO WRONG. Then we wonder why it seems like everything in our lives is going to shit. 

The good news is that if we can train our brains to expect anything that can go wrong to go wrong, we can retrain our brains to begin to plan and anticipate miracles. A powerful way of doing this is to set our alarms for 15 minutes earlier than usual and have a notebook by the side of our bed. When your alarm goes off, sit up and grab your pen and paper and begin to write about all the beautiful things that can happen in the day ahead. It doesn’t matter what it may be. It also doesn’t matter if these things happen or not. What matters is that we begin to put into practice a little balance that allows us to consider all that can go gloriously right a little bit more than all that could go wrong. 

Examine Beliefs

This is a big one-and, perhaps the most difficult of the steps. Our beliefs, specifically those that formed between the ages of 0-7 (and sometimes upwards to 14 years of age) are the substance found in our mindset. When our mindset is riddled with issues, it’s because we have some pretty filthy shit in our subconscious beliefs and its time to dig in and dredge that stuff up. This means taking a hard look at what we do believe about ourselves and the world around us. I have two powerful ways that will help you examine the beliefs ruling your experience. First, when you are feeling down or stuck in something you cannot get out of, ask yourself what you were telling yourself that triggered this emotional state. This will often clue us into a narrative (belief) that we often have on repeat. The second is to consider the phrases, words, and beliefs you heard or saw modeled with your caretakers (parents, step-parents, grandparents, etc.). Many of the beliefs that we have are not even our own but rather those that we saw modeled by those we spent considerable time with growing up.

Once we begin to hone on a few beliefs, we have to examine whether this belief suits us and will give us access to the life we desire for ourselves or if it will keep us from it. Then its a matter of beginning to retrain (see above) our brains to start to allow a new belief-one which suits us and gives us access to the life we desire, to run the show. 

And if you are struggling with this process or feel you would benefit from a more structured approach that offers you support and accountability on this journey I encourage you to check out my Elevate Mentorship to learn more about how I can help you as you build a life that feels delicious and resonant. 

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