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3 Tarot Cards Essential To Manifesting


Tarot is more than just a tool for divining what is ahead and understanding why we do the things we do. It’s a powerful tool through which we can tap into a specific essence in order to utilize its energy in our day-to-day.

In terms of manifesting it is a powerful way to create momentum and build energy towards our goal. 

Here are 3 of my favorite Tarot cards for manifesting and how to work with them. 

  1. The Fool

Here is the deal-part of tapping into effortless manifesting requires we get back on board with the reality that absolutely anything is possible. We must give ourselves permission to believe again. There was a point in our lives when we didn’t get what we wanted or felt cut off from something we desperately desired and we stopped believing. We told ourselves that believing was foolish. That it was what allowed us to get hurt or be disappointed. So we moved into this pseudo protective place where we assumed the worst. We thought it protected us but in truth, it only made us magnetic towards those worst-case scenarios we began to expect as the truth of our experience. 

The Fool is a powerful energy for turning this around. The Fool is anything but foolish. The Fool contains all the wisdom of his many lives which allows him to take the necessary leaps needed to build the life he desires. Meditating on the Fools energy helps us to tap into the same wisdom we hold within our cellular memory. We move into a place where we feel capable of believing that no matter the leap there is ground beneath us. 

Manifesting requires that we take risks. That we are willing to go out onto and even past the ledge. The Fools essence helps us to tap into effortless manifesting and to believe that anything is possible. 

2. The Magician

The Magician is the consummate alchemist. He works with the energies of as above, so below. He weaves together the seen and unseen in order to create a total paradigm shift. The Magician does not just sit back and wait. He utilizes all the tools at his disposal and begins to bend reality to his favor. This is a powerful symbol for the alchemy of manifesting. I often will write out my petition and place it with the Magician and clear quartz upon my altar. This reminds me to activate all the gifts within to create the reality I wish to manifest and to keep moving even when a challenge may present itself. 

3. The Empress

Finally, we get to the creme de la creme. The Empress is the generative, fertile energy of the Tarot. She plants the seeds into the earth she is so intrinsically connected to and births new life both physically as well as conceptually. Her energy is the divine energy of gestation and nurturing. She reminds us it not enough to want a thing but that we must nurture that thing. Each and every day we must lend our presence to this place of honoring and loving what we desire to open ourselves up to. 

The Empress is a great card to meditate on but also to affix our desire or a sigil of our desire to and keep in a place of prominence (some believe in removing a sigil from view and consciousness so if that is your path you may wish to affix a petition or some other symbol of that which you desire.). I place a picture of the Empress above my workspace from time to time to call in the energy of growth and expansion to all that I wish to see done in my work. She is also a great energy to work with if you are interested in getting pregnant. 

As noted these cards are wonderful for working within meditation, ritual and as decorative items around your space to call in energy. But really there is no limit to how you could incorporate these energies into your day to day. Get creative and share what you’ve done to bring the essence of these and other Tarot cards into your manifestation work! 

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3 essential Tarot cards for maniesting






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