May 15, 2019

3 Key Ways To Stop Quitting On Yourself





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It’s a familiar spiral. We feel the fire and passion of inspiration, we start envisioning how great something could be and then we may even get to the point of taking the first few steps before we slowly but surely begin to slow down, our effort wanes and before we know it we’ve given up entirely on the project or endeavor.

You know exactly what I am talking about, right? This is an all to universal habit for so many of us. We are equally dialed into how much we fail to do not because circumstances outside us but due to our habit of quitting on ourselves.

And man is this a sneaky little habit. It doesn’t always come from being lazy or complacent. In fact, many of those who suffer with this habit are not lazy at all. They are attached to a repeating narrative of a lack of self worth, limitations around what they feel capable of doing and struggle to find the tools needed to maintain effort not just with the raw, hot fire of initial inspiration but for the long run.

Here are my 3 top ways to sustain your mojo and thus, stop quitting on yourself.

Have a long term plan.

It’s easy to see the first few steps and the end result. But what about all the space between those two places? Having a concrete plan with a set list of steps to take not only helps you to capitalize on the momentum we often feel at the start of anything new but also ensures that we know exactly what we need to do each step of the way. And knowing what comes next allows you to maintain excitement and passion for the next purpose.

Get that passion dialed in!

When you have the steps outlined you can take time to really tap into the essence of each step and begin to build excitement and anticipation around each task. We are far more likely to stick to something if we feel a sense of excitement and joy in doing it. So bring the essence of this to not just the overall idea but the individual steps too. Have a few things you have to do that you are less than thrilled about? I get it, we are not going to be jumping for joy over every single facet of our plan. BUT we can take the time to think about something else that we are looking forward to, maybe even the step that comes after this one and allow a few minutes before starting the not so desired tasks to raise the essence of that into our experience. We can also spend some time considering just how good we will feel once the not super awesome tasks are completed. There will be a deep sense of purpose and pride that you completed the task even though it may not have been your favorite.

Empower yourself, doll.

Here is the thing-most of us quit on ourselves because we start telling the old narrative. The one that likely was attached to instant gratification over long term gains. The part of us that likely believes that we are not worthy of the awesomeness we are trying to create. The part of us that has grown really comfortable where we are at and because it’s so known and predictable instead of pushing forward to make change happen our ego convinces us that it’s best to stay in our lane.

There will always be a million excuses for why we don’t need to do something. We can always come up with some reason that seems reasonable enough for why we don’t want to do this or do that. So it is up to us to become our own cheerleaders. It’s up to us to empower ourselves on just how unbelievably fucking worthy we are of ALL the deliciousness this life has to offer. It’s up to us to create the structures around us that keep us accountable and hold us to our word.

I often serve as accountability partner with my clients but I also recommend to them and others who I speak with that if hiring someone is not accessible to you right now then turn to those around you. Share your thoughts and ideas and tell others what we are trying to achieve. Tell them to hold you accountable if they catch you slipping. Ask them to help empower and support you on your journey.

You may be surprised just how willing those who care about you are to help you out.

Remember that in this life when we give up on something we are really giving up on ourselves. It’s important that we stop making excuses for why things do not get done or why our dreams have yet to be sought and instead begin to take action towards our goals. It’s not always easy but I promise you it is worth it.

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