February 19, 2019

Virgo Full Moon | Remember, Release, Reaffirm




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The Full Moon on Tuesday, February 19th is a portal into absolute limitlessness. It’s an opportunity to see ourselves for the vast, cosmic beings that we are even as we attend to the mundanity that is our human experience.

This no ordinary Full Moon. This is a Super Moon and the largest moon that we will encounter this year. It’s also occurring within 0° Virgo.

What does this mean?

Occurring within 0° Virgo relates to the infinite possibility that exists within this Universe, inherently. It’s there. We like to think of our world as finite and for many of us this is easy. We live in a world that places emphasis on resources, many of which are limited in the natural sense. In the spiritual and unnatural sense limitlessness is our divine birthright.

If we think of the number zero what we see is a void-a void within which we can put absolutely anything we desire. And voids are nothing if not hungry for filling.

So in essence this Full Moon is about tapping into our unlimited potential by virtue of a blank canvas, upon which we can create whatever we desire. We have and hold in our palms, infinite potential.

Letting be, letting go….

In Virgo this transit helps us to realize our inner potential but also tap into the potential which is ripe and abundant around us. Our eyes are wide open to the bounty that exists before us-especially in those spaces where perhaps we felt there were more limitations than opportunity.

This means there are deep portals for super healing.

In order to truly open to all that we are capable of experiencing we have to first take a look at all the shit that drags us down. It’s time to get real, beautiful, about the many ways in which we sabotage ourselves.

It’s time to examine our thoughts and beliefs and really become quite observant of the way in which we speak about ourselves, our capacity, our relationships to yourself and the things we desire to co-create.

It’s also time to really go over what we make matter. And no better time to do so than when we are saturated with some Virgoan energy to help us discern-not the minute details (as VIrgo can be so keen on doing) but on really exploring what bullshit we allow to matter. It’s time to look at everything and ask ourselves if its priority. If it supports us. If it gets us to where we want to be. Who we want to be come. If not? It’s time to let it be. Not everything in this life needs to be made priority. And just because your parents made it priority (or made it matter) or your friends have or society says its important doesn’t mean you need to lap that shit up.
Because some of what we’ve made priority has weighed us down and kept up below the ceiling we desire to break right through.

This is not to imply that it’s easy…

In fact it can be really difficult to let things be and to release those things we’ve created entire narratives around. We will see this difficulty rise in the ways that we are triggered and the shadow aspects that surface during this time.

But just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing.

It simply means we need to lavish ourselves with a little extra tender lovin’ care as we move through this energy.

And we will move through it. No matter how easeful or difficult this transit hits you rest assured that there is one thing you can count on and it’s your capacity (whether you realize it or not) to move through even the slugiest of waters.

And with the movement, and willingness to lean into anything that arises you find on the other side a rather beautiful oasis.

A place where you can breathe easier, relieved of anything that was weighing you down. A place where you can celebrate all you’ve accomplished. The place where you can see, vividly and deliciously all the potential you have to stretch into anything you desire now that you’ve created the space to do so.

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