January 3, 2019

Welcome to 2019 | Locking Down Your New Years Resolutions




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Welcome 2019! And with the new year comes all those grand promises that we make to ourselves. I have had a very rocky road with New Year’s resolutions-I’ve always come out of the gate with full force but often found myself struggling to maintain my intentions a months and even weeks into the new year.

If you are like me then this resonates with you as well and as we approach this portal of fresh energy maybe we do not need to abandon the idea of reinventing ourselves as we welcome a new year but rather, change our approach.

Like all that I do with my work I take a blended approach to seeing to it that my goals are met and my vision becomes a reality. Here are my traditional and intuitive tools for making intentions stick!

Traditional Tools:

Let’s be honest we cannot make anything happen for ourselves without a crystal clear picture of what we desire for yourself. So the very first and most practical approach to locking down your intentions is to get clear on what you want. This can be harder than you might think. While many of us think we know what we want when we really dig into this topic we sometimes find we want something totally different. For example many of those i’ve worked with come to me because they want to manifest prosperity and more money but when we peel back the layers we often find there is a desire such as stability, peace, security that is desired. While money can bring those things it’s not the only pathway to them. By getting super clear on what we truly desire we help see the multitude of avenues for bringing it to us rather than the narrow “one-way” approach we often find ourselves in.

One surefire way to accomplish this is to ask yourself how you want to feel. To stay with the example of prosperity ask yourself what money represents to you? Why do you want more money? What can it give you? What will it do to enhance your life.

As you evaluate this list you will find that the qualities you are after are not exclusive to money and as such the ways in which you can bring them into your life expands exponentially. Of course there will be some things that only money can buy which is fine but why open flow to only one channel when you can open it to several?

Next I encourage you to get clear on where you are. What does your present reality look like and in what ways does it differ from what you are after with your intention? Getting an idea of where you are at is a great way to simply have awareness to what you’ve already built and accomplished for yourself but helps you see what steps you need to take in order to get to where you want to be.

Which leads me to my final traditional approach to locking down your resolutions which is creating both macro and micro goals. Your macro goal should be your big ticket,-stretch goal. For example if I want to manifest 150k in 2019 this would be my stretch or macro goal. But after assessing where I am at that goal of 150k may seem next to impossible and so, so far away from where I am at right now. This is where we begin to break that goal down into smaller, more attainable goals thus creating micro goals. What needs doing to make that 150k? What steps must be taken? What would that look like each month and how much of what I do would I have to sell or make in order to meet that goal within a year? These set the foundation for the smaller goals that I need to work on-each taking me one step closer to my macro goal.

These smaller goals help empower us so we see the progress we are making but it takes a macro goal like making 150k in a year seem far more possible.

Intuitive Tools:

I love, love, LOVE working with crystals when it comes to manifesting my goals. My favorites are Yellow Apatite, Nuummite and Arfvedsonite. These three stones are my go to manifesting stones and have aided me greatly through the years. See my article 3 Powerhouse Stones For Manifesting to learn more about these stones and how to bring their magic into your life.

Visualization is another top intuitive tool that’s aces for manifesting our goals. And the best part is that it’s simple and requires nothing but a few quiet moments to yourself to tune in. For those who think they cannot visualize I ask you to close your eyes and picture a fire truck. Chances are pretty great that you immediately were able to draw the image with damn good clarity to mind. This is visualization-so simple, right? Now I want you to do this with what you are resolving to do in 2019. If you are working on expanding that bottom line see yourself paying your bills in full and on time. See yourself checking your bank balance and visualizing your specific balance. If you are looking to get your fitness on in the new year then see yourself at the gym sweating it out and buying a few new clothes that fit your smaller waistline. If you are interested in finding that special someone then see yourself out there on dates, laughing and enjoying yourself. See yourself watching a movie on the couch, snuggled up to someone special. Visualization helps you to train your brain to begin to see these are real possibilities for yourself. This then informs your brain how it should perceive the world around you. While it’s a great intuitive tool for energetically aligning to that which you desire it’s also a neurological means of programming your brain for success in your goals.

And finally, why not make the act of accomplishing your intentions this year a ritual. There is a potent magic when we sit in sacred space and announce that which we are after. You can get as intricate or simplistic with this as you desire or feel comfortable with. Inscribe a candle with your statement of intent during the new moon and send your energy towards making this resolution a reality. During the waning moon you could write down all those things you perceive as obstacles and burn (in a fire safe dish, please!) it, rendering the paper and thus your obstacles to ash. Ritual is a powerful means of moving energy and calling upon your guides, Ascended Masters and Ancestors for their assistance.

Lastly-I encourage us all to hold massive amounts of compassion. Change is never easy-it takes a lot of hard work and diligence and we should honor the process. We will slip up and make mistakes. Forgive yourself and get back to work. If you shame or guilt yourself for falling behind or back into old patterns you are actually taking away your own power and taking away all motivation for making your intentions a reality. Sometimes the best thing we can do to make change happen in our lives is to simply not give up. To love ourselves even when we falter and recommit to the work we are doing.

2018 was a year of a lot of friction as we were all pushed into a place where the friction could begin to create the heat that allowed us to change shape. 2019 is a year to now expand into the free space and make a beautiful masterpiece of our lives. My hope is that we find 2019 to be everything we’ve longed for and then some.

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