January 4, 2019

New Moon In Capricorn | Further, Faster




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Welcome to 2019 and with a bang, nonetheless! On January 5th we welcome a new moon, partial eclipse in Capricorn. We start the year with a powerful energy that forces us to get real about what we want to accomplish and what this year is going to hold for us.

Solar Eclipse, who dis

A solar eclipse occurs when the shadow casted by  the moon fully or in the case of this transit, partially blocks the sun. This happens at only a new moon and when the sun, moon and earth are aligned or nearly aligned in a straight line.

Astrologically speaking this is a time when we are seeing certain things shadowed over-eclipsed.

New Moon in Capricorn

A new moon, partial solar eclipse, in Capricorn (say that 5 times fast, loves) is going to bring the exact energy we need in order to get serious about those New Year’s resolutions. If you haven’t gotten them down yet then don’t worry because those who have are going to find they are making lots of adjustments if not outright changes after this transit.

Something is coming to a close with this new moon and it’s going to likely come out of left field and leave us all a bit dizzy for a second. The energy is fast paced so I don’t feel that we will linger too long in the “woe is me, why is this happening, and at the start of a new year, nonetheless!” energy but instead will quickly leap into action to begin making something happen out of this mess.

This is likely going to hit many of us in the career or professional sector where we find something being eclipsed and its launching us into a totally new territory. It can be uncomfortable, I’m not even gonna sugar coat it, loves. Some of you may well be worn raw at the end of this, but it’s not going to be this way for everyone.

For example, without any conscious planing on my part, the day of this transit, Saturday, January 5th, I will begin my new venture working alongside Rhea Horvath of Womenfolk Beauty in Denver offering Intuitive and Energy Medicine as well as Tarot readings. After 17 years of working exclusively online and worldwide this signals the first time I am holding space in the community.

It’s scary as hell, let me tell you. But it’s also something that feels completely resonate and right. Its time.

To have it coincide with this transit feels equally poignant and organic and gives you an idea of what I am talking about with this transit. It’s going to be BIG and in some cases really disruptive but it’s also going to give us a giant push, taking us into the future on a new path and one that we are meant to be on.

This transit is going to mingle with Saturn which means that the structure we need to create something as we find ourselves thrusted on a new path, will be provided. Saturn’s influence doesn’t always feel so hot but in this case it’s exactly what we need and nothing will feel better or soothe our momentary lack of security than Saturn’s paternal energy.

Additionally this transit is aligned with fixed star Vega which is going to impart major creative and optimistic energy to the transit. We are going to hum with energy and a desire to create even after the jarring ending that is coming with this new moon. We will be brimming with ideas and inspiration and ready to see them to fruition.

The one warning I will give is that under Vesta’s influence our egos can grow 3 times their normal size. While this can help us take those risks to leap into the unknown that will serve us well with this transit it can also lead to some disruptive energy if we do not keep it in check.

The general tone of this transit feels good-really good. Because even those of us who are watching one structure within our lives burn to the ground another is rising from the ashes like the Phoenix. It’s a powerful talisman that reminds us of what we are capable of in the face of and sometimes in spite of the challenges that arise in our life.

Never doubt your power, love. It’s stronger than you think and this transit is giving you the chance to show that in full force.

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