December 19, 2018

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The full moon in 0° Cancer on 12/22 coincides with the Winter Solstice and is a powerful, potent energy.  It’s a portal for coming home to ourselves and grounding into the lessons of 2018. We are learning more and more about who we are and who we are no longer. We will reveal this new version of ourselves to the world but must be prepared for those who no longer recognize who we are.

But First-What is the deal with a full moon?

A full moon is a time of completion and ending. Something is coming full circle and a cycle is ending. In some cases this can be a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and achievement as we’ve been working hard to bring everything full circle. In other cases it can be a pretty jaw-breaking experience that brings us to our knees. Endings and changes that can feel as though the rug has been tugged out from under us. It’s an understandable feeling of discomfort that arises when we are clenching to something that is being called elsewhere.

The Significance of a full moon in Cancer

So where are things ending? With a full moon in the sign of Cancer we are looking at our sense of home and identity. We are watching as old beliefs, structures and constructs within and around our life are suddenly no longer resonate or necessary. We are developing a new sense of who we are and our idea of what home looks like to us. This is something old-something that may well have been with us for a very long time. Those parts of yourself that people (and maybe even you) have come to associate with who you are.

This is all devised in such a way to expand our world and widen our eyes to the greater, grander picture. We are not meant to stay stagnant. I talk often about the flow of energy and how our rigidity and reluctance to open to change creates a blockage that prevents energy from flowing as it is meant to which leads to all sorts of unsavory things. Well, same concept here. We as people are not meant to remain the same. We have confused stagnation with dependability and this full moon is highlighting all the ways in which we’ve clenched to an identity.

Perhaps we’ve always been the rule follower, the dutiful daughter or son, co-worker or friend. You’ve likely received great praise and began to associate these qualities with acceptance from your family, friends and peers. Perhaps you have now enveloped these qualities to such a degree that you’ve actually started to lose yourself as you seek to appease those around you.

Maybe you’ve been a “yes-person” for far too long and are tired of living a life that is filled with a to-do list of attending to other peoples knees.

Maybe you are simply tired of doing things in the same old way with the same old beliefs and with the same old patterns.

This full moon is giving us an opportunity to turn everything on its head and to unveil the new you.

Riding the emotional wave

This can be jarring. Cancer is a highly intuitive and emotional sign which tells me that we will have all the feels with the changes we are making but will feel very intuitively driven to make certain changes. Our feelings will light the way ensuring the path forward. In fact, if the heart is not fully engaged chances are you are on the wrong path.

Our emotions also have a great deal to share with us. They will tell us where we have some skeletons we need to address and remove from the closets. Now is the time to get right with ourselves emotionally. It’s time to clear shit out and heal. It’s time to release as our inner halls call to us.

We are building a new life-we are fast approaching a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn that is going to implement energy that helps us make major headway on designing a life that is resonate and built upon authenticity. If we have not done the emotional work this transit will feel like getting hit by a truck. So for those of you who have been skirting the deep emotional work or telling yourself you will get to it tomorrow, tomorrow has arrived. We do not want to start the new year with residual shit from the previous 10. Now is the time to open that journal, uncover those wounds, assess what feels soft and lean into that. If you know you are not very disciplined and needed to be held accountable then it’s time to hire that counselor or coach and get yourself a container that supports your growth and helps you through the murky waters.

We are building something dripping with authenticity. If it doesn’t lead from the heart, if it doesn’t fill your heart or worse yet, it dampens your heart, that shit is not for you.

2018 was a year filled with a lot of moods and challenges. We encountered friction that was meant to burst into flames and help us shed the skin of old. With this transit we have a softer, and kinder energy that is helping us to push over any last hurdles and breath a deep, and profound sigh of relief.

Are you ready?



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