November 6, 2018

New Moon In Jupiter | A Heart Healer





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The new moon falling on 11/7 and in the sign of Scorpio is an opening for examining wounds and releasing that which no longer works in our favor.  

New Moon Meaning

Each new moon is an opportunity to start anew. We all need a fresh start every now and again. The new moon is the transit that offers up the opportunity to hit reset and start again. Now is the time to set those intentions and get brave in thinking big. New moons require that we acknowledge what needs to be released to create space for all that we’ve held onto within.  

New Moon In Scorpio

This Moon is a heart healer-it opens the door for us to lead from a softer side. To get in touch with the trauma within our heart and let the light seep in. There are parts within that have been calling for our attention. Our healing. There are things transpiring around us that are bringing deep emotions to the surface and calling for us to be extra kind to ourselves.

Deep within this emotion comes a mental swell of energy as we attempt to understand our pain. To understand our guilt and our myriad feelings with greater awareness. But there is something about acknowledging that there isn’t always a clear line of understanding. Not all of this makes sense. Not everything will be put into a nice, neat and orderly categorization. In fact, a lot of what is being dredged up right now is beyond our understanding. It may be too long to travel back and get it all figured out.  

This doesn’t mean we cannot let it go.
Or that we cannot forgive.

Forgive those who have hurt us and ourselves for the ways we’ve hurt others. To understand that we are all humans on this journey fumbling as we go. We will make mistakes. We will say things we regret. We will fuck up. And others who have done wrong to us? Well they too are human. They, too, will fuck up. This is why forgiveness if a flow-an understanding that energy travels in and it travels out. We forgive ourselves, so we can forgive others and vice versa.

We allow the guilt, the trauma, the emotion that has been festering beneath the surface to rise. To rise and slough off so we can breathe in deep transformation and awakening.  

Because under this intense emotional energy that is arising is a brilliant version of ourself. A version that is shiny, bright and new. A version of ourselves totally revamped and renewed by this deeply cleansing transit.

And it is from this place-this place of cleansing and of healing. From forgiveness and acceptance that we lead from as we enter this long portal of energy that will take us into through this transit and into the new year.



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