November 8, 2018

Jupiter in Sagittarius | Expansion Of Opportunity





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Jupiter is now in his final stages of his stay in Scorpio where he has been since last year. This has made 2018 a year of deep waters and sometimes tense transits. We’ve had our shadow expanded. We’ve gotten in touch with the parts of ourself that have been hidden or obscured from view. We have had to confront trauma that we’ve long left buried in order to release and fully embrace our wholeness.


And it has made 2018 a very difficult and sometimes very challenging year.

But not for lack of cause. In fact, this tension has been designed to forge us into the people we are meant to be. Because to truly get back to our inherent state of wholeness and to make the best out of this life we must embrace all parts of the self. We must engage with love and learn from our trauma. We must dance in those shadowy corridors and fully accept even those least liked parts of ourselves. And we must embrace the truth that in order to fully embrace all we are capable of, our magic, our power, our creativity, we must embrace both our shadow and our light. To deny one is to starve the other. They exist as a team.

But the energy is shifting. Can you feel it?

Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8th and will stay here until December 4th, 2019 and the great benefactor of the sky couldn’t be more thrilled with this change of house. Jupiter can roll with Sagittarius since they both have this very expansive, freewheeling, let’s make things happen, type of energy.

Whereas the last year has been about clearing away the old this has paved the way to entering a deep exploration of all that is new and possible for each of us.

This energy is exponentially lighter, too. Where Scorpio is all about delving into the deep waters of mystery, shadow and rebirth, Sagittarius is about embracing spirituality, individuality and exploration of what we are capable of!

Still big themes but just a smidge (I kid, a crap TON) lighter than the previous Jupiter transit.

As always, the beauty of astrology is that it’s not cookie cutter meaning that each sign will find this energy impacting them differently. Let’s take a look at how each sign will feel the wave of this transit so you can make the most of this powerful and beautifully expansive energy!



This is a transit that is opening the door way to higher learning and the acquiring of new skills. Your 9th house is benefiting from Jupiter’s expansive energy and is giving you a much wider view of your world. You will find luck follows you in travel and those endeavors you embark upon that give you the opportunity to refine some part of yourself. This is an embracing of change that makes way for some pretty kush long term personal progression.



2018 was an opportunity for you to really clear out the gunk you’ve held onto or experienced in your relationship with others. Now you learn whether you did this work successfully and integrated the lessons or if there is still work to be done. Anything that has been left unexplored is going to rise to the surface and will demand you work on it. Anything you have buried will start to control your life and the option of ignoring it will no longer be available.

For those of you who’ve done the work you will find that this is a year of freedom and magnetism. You will have ample room for new opportunities, relationships and resources to fall into your lap.



Jupiter is sweeping into and blowing out walls in your relationship sector, Gemini. This gives you a chance to take an existing relationship to new and more intimate levels or to welcome a new relationship that totally knocks your socks off and has you thinking long term.

Your magnetism will be dialed high enabling you to attract the right people to you-not just romantically but across the board You will forge new friendship and also career connections that will help you fully step into this expansive energy. Your relationships will prove central to the growth you experience meaning you will not be an island, dear Gemini, but rather you will benefit most from a community-based approach to life.



This is going to be a year of cleaning out your shell, dearest Crabs. Jupiter is entering your house of health and work which means you will be putting ample focus on the growth occurring within both.

You will find this year highlights your physical, spiritual and mental health and you may embark upon a journey that helps you release anything of old and really button up any loose ends. You will find much luck in any new health regimens you put in place and because of Jupiter’s expansive energy you will find that you have a staying power that you might have lacked in previous years.

Your job is also getting a much-needed injection of fresh, spacious energy. Now you can begin to dream big and start building a career that feels resonant. This may. mean you need to build something new on the side to allow you to let go of something that is soul draining or you are going to approach an existing career with a fresh perspective.



Jupiter is swinging into your 5th house and giving you an opportunity to connect with your inner child and that part of you that seeks things out in life for the fun of it. In some cases, this may mean an actual birth-getting pregnant or bringing new life into your life through adoption. It may also be a birth of creative energy and new beginnings. Regardless of how you approach this energy you will feel a lightness of being that you haven’t felt in a while. You are bringing some much-needed balance into your life by evaluating not just what you need to do or those obligations that you need to fulfill but what you want to do! You will be more playful and willing to entertain that part of you that delights in child-like activities. Dance, get outside and play-know that each time you embark on something fun just for the sake of fun you are expanding your capacity to receive the deliciousness of this life.



Your home sector is going to be highlighted with Jupiter in Sagittarius. You may decide to relocate to a home or location that feels more in line with who you are become. If a total relocation is not on the table then it will be about freshening up the energy of your current home. Our homes are a reflection of who we are and what matters to us. As we grow so should our homes grow with us to reflect who we are. You may find that your home no longer really speaks to the you that you’ve become and so some redecorating may be called for.

Your home life may expand in other ways such as inviting a family member or friend into your home to stay to help them in some sort of transition. Your idea of home may expand as well. To travel beyond just simply the walls that provide us with protection and a safe space and become more of an idea of how you can be home within yourself.



What beliefs have you long held, Libra? What structures have you build within your life that have held the container within which you lived your life? Jupiter is giving you an opportunity to move beyond anything which has now become limiting. Remember that a crib is a nice and safe place for an infant to sleep in peace and comfort but to an adult such a space is limiting and restrictive. So too will you find that certain structures in your life have grown restrictive and its now time for you to reevaluate. You are being called to embark upon a journey of self-discovery to learn what beliefs meet you on the level you are now and the level you wish to grow to.

Additionally, this year you will find that your ideas and words need to be expressed. You are going to find communication a massive part of where you shine brightest-share your vision with the world, Libra. We need you!



You’ve undergone a massive shift this year, Scorpio and are now embarking upon a journey of foundation building. Your focus for the next year is going to be on those 2nd house themes of security and self-worth. You are looking at your foundation and seeing that once small stresses have created outright fissures. You will find your focus being acutely on what you can do to boost your self-esteem and create a foundation beneath you that supports the growth you are to experience this year. This is the time for you to get real about what needs to stay and what needs to go. Do you need some extra support in the form of a coach or mentor who can help you manifest properly? Doing so is going to help eradicate fears and turn weaknesses into strengths that make this your most prosperous, successful and yes, stable year yet.



Everything about you is shining bright this year, Sagittarius! Jupiter is bringing all the good stuff to the table for you helping you to reinvent yourself or rise to even greater heights of happiness and satisfaction within your life. You will radiate a most beautiful and magnetized energy that will draw to you opportunities to expand in all ways. So, the question is what do you want to do with this energy? Where do you want to expand and what new horizons do you seek?

Travel, new career, relocation, higher learning…. it’s all on the table. You simply need to hit pause in the coming two weeks and really focus in on where you would like to grow. Once you set your intention Jupiter will do the rest to ensure that what you need to be provided. Welcome to the ride!



You are not a stranger to hard work, Capricorn but the next year is going to prove one of your hardest working years yet. This is because while you are familiar with traversing the external this is going to be a year of deep inner exploration. Jupiter is moving through your 12th hour which is bringing about a great deal of positive epiphany, but it typically comes by traveling through some pretty deep and murky waters.

You will not be satisfied with simply the material pursuits of life but will instead place a premium on spiritual truths that resonate deep in your marrow. This may in fact be a time when you get clear on what you spiritually believe and desire to practice. Your dreams, intuition and even therapy will prove useful to get clear on that intangible part of you. That part that has always been there silently waiting for you to show it some love.



This is going to prove a year of very comfortable energy for you, Aquarius! You will find that your magnetism for those connections which directly benefit and enhance your life is at an all-time high under Jupiter’s influence. You are drawing towards you those people who have something to share with you. What they have to offer is community and support. They want to share what they’ve learned and their resources with you to help you build the life you desire.

Share your vision. Share your dreams. Allow those you meet to see the real you and to lend a hand where they can. You will find that some pretty influential people are coming on the scene to help you shape the course of your life over the next several years under Jupiter’s tutelage and it’s going to be a very beautiful and supportive time indeed, Aquarius!



Get ready and buckle up, buttercup! Jupiter is entering your house of career, reputation and success. He is expanding the channels for accolade, success and prosperity to come your way meaning 2019 may be your most professionally expansive year yet! Jupiter expands whatever it puts its attention on and for you this means that all that hard work you’ve been putting down is about to pay off. Think more clients, more sales, more support from influential people who are able to help you rise even higher. Think heart centered alignment where all that you’ve done in alignment with who you are is going to receive boons like you’ve never received before.

It’s your time, Pisces. It’s your time to be in the limelight and for many of us, it’s been a long time coming. So, soak it up and build. Celebrate your success and support those who like you once were, are just now coming up. Share the wealth because it is through flow and giving back that this energy expands even more. 



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