November 5, 2018

Astrology | Understanding The First House





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The first house of the zodiac is referred to as the house of the self.

The sign on the leading edge or beginning of this house is known as our Ascendant and is the place of ego identity. This is the house of firsts-those first impressions, experiences, perceptions. The first house rules our early childhood and how we first perceived with and interacted with the world around us.

When we examine the first house its one which many of us understand quite readily as it pertains to that which we should know and see to know the most. Who we are. What we are made of. What makes us tick. If we have done even a modicum of self-inquiry than this is a house which we easily relate to. This is the house of fresh starts and new beginnings-it’s the dawn of our being and who we are, what we are capable of and who we are to become throughout this lifetime.

This house can sometimes best be understood by the sign that rules it.

In this case the first house is ruled by Aries, the consummate infant of the zodiac. Aries is concerned primarily with the self and the individual needs. Like an infant who needs their nightly feeding and cries relentlessly for it regardless that to get their need met it means waking their exhausted parents. They do not do this with malice but with a primordial desire to have a need met.

The first house, in short, is our personality

….and it represents the presentation of self both inwardly and outwardly. This is who we see ourselves as and who we present ourselves to in the world. When people first meet us, this is who they see and depending on what sign you have in this house will tell you a great deal about how you are perceived in this world.

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