October 16, 2018

On Venus Retrograde And Being Our Best Self




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Venus is presently retrograding through my 2nd house of possessions and has been a real vibe. Opportunities for shifting how I do what I do along with a real clarity around what I do and don’t want have all been served up on a platter.

This has been both an exercise in excitement and worry.

See when you’ve been doing this as long as I have you wear a pretty deep indentation into the ground. Hour after hour, day after day, week after week…and year after year. Almost 17 years to be exact. 17 years of doing readings and Intuitive Counseling on a professional level. 17 years of learning, growing and expanding. 17 years of fuck up’s, do overs and frustration. 17 years of light bulb moments, achievements that blew way past my expectations and soul enriching purpose. 17 years.  

And still things are changing yet. I am excited to announce that I will be offering my services in house at Ritual Cravt on Sunday’s beginning in January with a few special dates before then. I will share more on that later. I love the community and sense of family that has been built by Missy and feel both immense pride and gratitude to get to share in that.

In addition, my offerings have been restructured to make things as simplistic and straight forward as possible. New additions such as daily reading subscriptions, new self-paced programs, expanding line of products and more are coming your way soon.

Change can make me feel a bit anxious sometimes.

My Pisces sun wants to roll all around in it while my Virgo Ascendant and Moon wants to give it the finger. But, never before have I felt as sure as I do now that the changes that are taking place are beneficial. Ones that will enrich what I offer and how I am of service to each of you. Which is the entire point, after all. To be of service.

Yes, Venus RX can really fuck with your vibe.

It can bring relational woes for those who look at the very basic correspondence of Venus but on a deeper level it’s an exploration into who the fuck you are and what the fuck you want. And that takes some pretty next level honesty. Because Venus doesn’t accept less than. She doesn’t traffic in “just good enough”. No, this Goddess commands the absolute best and she teaches us to do the same wherever she happens to tap into your personal astrology.

She is teaching us about being our best selves. And that is a lesson I will always be first in line for regardless of the frustrations.

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