October 27, 2018

Tarot Spread Of The Week | Money Spread




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A client I’ve been reading for for years came to me for a reading. She is a fellow intuitive like me and runs her own business. This time she had a question regarding money and what the financial situation looked like for the next 6 months.

I used this spread which I often pull out for those quick glances into finances. Its small but covers money from several different angles making it ideal for really understanding the financial energies. This spread is great for those who run their own business but anyone with questions regarding money would benefit from this spread.

Lets dig in deeper.


Dolla, dolla, bills Spread

Card 1 – Financial foundation

Card 2- Money coming into your life soon

Card 3- Money issues to look at closer

Card 4- What project will bring in more money?

Card 5- Result

When I read this I see that she has been diligent in putting in certain structures and foundation into her career and thus into her finances. She has taken the bull by the horns so to speak and been a leader, getting out in front of any financial concerns she has.

Money is coming into her life due to her work as an Intuitive and shadow work may play a role. The High Priestess is a dancer between worlds with one foot in the light and the other in the shadow. I often see this card when there is magical/ritual work at play so she may wish to craft something that will help her but also its a sure sign of intuitive work which is what her business is based on. Though she may be coming into her slower season with the holidays this card tells me that money will continue to pour into her life on account of her work.

She needs to be mindful in the coming months to find a balance between her earning and spending-making sure that she is not spending it faster than she can earn it. A little detachment can also help her see her financial situation from a balanced perspective rather than getting caught up in the emotion that is inextricably linked to our cash flow.

She should really drive any projects related to intuition, personal cycles/rhythms and the mystical which should prove super easy for her. The Moonchild is all about intuition and paying attention to our cycles. This card in particular also relates to abundance and manifesting again circling back to the intuitive ping I picked up with the High Priestess earlier that this may be a good time for her to begin doing some ritual work designed to bring in more money/clients etc.

The result in this case is curious-the 4 of cups often times signals missed opportunities because our perspective is too focused on what we perceive as lacking rather than the gifts being given to us. Knowing this client as I do after reading for her for 10 years I immediately realized that she was going to fall into the trap of getting worked up over what she feared happening (money drying up, not enough clients etc.) that it would cause her to miss the many opportunities around her. I advised her to pay special attention to this but also her overall emotional state so she was able to invest the necessary creative power that the projects she was being called to create would require of her.



See how such a small spread can lend so much detail and insight? I always KISS (keep it simple, silly) when it comes to spreads-often times just a few cards are all that will be needed to get the intuitive information flowing!

I want to hear your thoughts! What do you read here? Try this reading out for yourself and share your comments below!

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