October 23, 2018

Scorpio Season | A Call To Action




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Scorpio season begins today and with it the parting of an already thin veil exposing us to the knowledge between spaces.

This is the season of knowing. Of exploring. Of digging into every curiosity and never settling for “just because”. Scorpio never scratches the surface. They are intent to know everything on a cellular level, especially those things which are mysterious and shrouded in darkness.

It’s not that they are inherently dark people. In fact, Scorpios can be incredibly light hearted and jovial. But they are just as comfortable in the shadows as they are in the light. They appreciate the gifts afforded in the shadow that the light just cannot compare to. And because of this they are unafraid of the shadow. Instead they welcome it warmly.

The inner halls of our being call to us.

On a personal level this means getting acquainted not just with who we are but why we are. Why we do the things we do. Why we believe what we believe. Why we are arranged just so and who influenced this arrangement. It’s not enough to say that we did a little bit of work and exploration on ourselves waaaaay back when. It’s time to break back open those doors to those oft ignored halls and do the self-inquiry of today. Of who we are today. And who we wish to be tomorrow.

There is exposure to this season.

No one is immune to Scorpios insatiable need to understand. To know. So, anything that is amiss, that is disjointed, that is not serving us or has been hidden, is going to come to light this Scorpio season. It’s coming to the surface even if it’s being dragged out kicking and screaming. Save yourself the challenge and potential embarrassment by opening the door yourself and inviting up these qualities so you can peacefully and slowly find what is enfolded within.

On a grander level this is when we see much of the collective unconscious and its ugliness rise to the surface.

People will feel raw to the touch and cut to the quick. Our base tendencies are naked, exposed for all to see. And those with skeletons they would rather stay hidden will find the deception far more difficult to maintain. We can only hope that this translates to the ugliness within American politics (and those of abroad, for that matter) becoming increasingly blatant and in the face. Because sometimes we, as a culture, need to be shocked in awe to action. And while it may seem surprising that many are not yet at the point of shock given the unabashed vitriol and racism (bigotry, elitism, bad manners, bullying et al. I could easily go on) that is already permissive under the current administration it just further highlights how part of our own collective consciousness has been rooted in these paradigms of power at the expense of others.

But action is what it all boils down to this Scorpio season.

Action on the self; the deep, gritty and sometimes very difficult but always very rewarding inner work. And action on the grander, broader level of exposing and witnessing that which is being exposed of those we put in positions of power. Its witnessing how we have been complicit in these paradigms of power. And being willing to take the necessary action to restore balance. To make right. To fight for what is right. To give voice and legs to those who are marginalized. To simply do better.

Because Scorpio is not content with what is known. Or with what has been. But rather their deep need to understand is so we can be at our best. Our most empowered, our most aware selves. This is where we collectively thrive.

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