October 15, 2018

S + B Spotlight | Ryan Payne | Wildest Dreams Candles




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S + B Spotlight has its eyes on the luminary and cosmic artistry of Ryan Payne.

Ryan Payne is a multi-passionate creator whose creativity and expression is one which begs to be shared because this is someone who should be SEEN!

Ryan is a makeup artist, graphic designer and holistic candle maker whose work is as uplifting as it is visually stimulating. You can check out his out of this world artistry on Instagram @ryanmarcpayne.

His candles, however, are what caught my eye. For their vivid hues and the gemmy crystals each selected with care and intention.


Ryan shared of Wildest Candles and its mission…


“Having a deep appreciation for self-love, Empowerment and nature Wildest Dreams Candles was born. Here we believe natural is a wonderful thing for the mind and soul, so we only use ingredients which are 100% natural. All of our candles are produced using soy wax, organic essential oils and natural flowers only. Our candles are hand poured with a lot of love and care being spend on each candle allowing us to make sure all candles are carefully cleansed and set with a positive, loving intentions.”


You can see more of his selection of handmade candles on Instagram @wildestdreamscandles and invite the magic of one of these beautiful candles into your space over at WildestDreamsCandles.com

I was excited that Ryan was willing to share a little bit about his work and personal philosophy and his words have inspired me. I hope they inspire you too!


1. How did you start doing the work you do? 

I started when I finished university and I kind of lost my purpose. I’ve always been rather spiritual believing everything happens for a reason and I’ve always been rather a positive person. But, when finishing university, I felt so lost and alone and in which lead me to my love for crystals and diving in further with my spirituality. Having always loved crystals I started exploring self-love rituals and crystal healing and I thought about combining the two and the rest kind of just happened!       

2. As someone who is multi-passionate with several interests/businesses what advice do you have for others who find themselves creatively pulled in multiple directions? 

I’ve struggled with this for a long, long time which can lead to so many confusing thoughts of what you want in life and how to feel fulfilled. I would say from personal experience, you have to accept yourself and accept that you’re always going to want to do a range of different things. But, it’s about time management and how you deal with your time. For me, I have one side which I’m very much about slow living, meditation, self-healing and crystal healing but on the other hand, I love makeup and creating looks. From exploring both journeys, I come to realize that I still have one core interest which is to inspire others and make people feel good and try and just remember that when I find my self-getting pulled in a different direction is to never lose who I am as a person.   

3. How do you make the spiritual accessible in your modern life? 

I find myself always busy. And sometimes leads me to feeling not good enough or I haven’t achieved enough in life. Leading to anxiety basically. So, when I do feel rather low then I actively take time to meditate or simply have a bath with my crystals. Each day when I wake up I’ve gotten into a routine to say 5 things I love about my life because sometimes we forget how lucky we truly are. Self-love is an important part of my modern life. With it being so easy to compare yourself to others it’s important to remember how special you are, and I think by actively taking the time to ground yourself and recharge allows me to crave my spirituality more.    

4. What inspires your candle line?

I would say issues that I have struggled with in the past. Such as the lavender and amethyst candle was created to help aid relaxation and calm the mind. I would say my art background does help me create the candles visual including the colors, and the components used in creating the candle. I also listen to what my customers want and get inspired by just helping people and sometimes even smells get me inspired. I recently created a limited cinnamon candle which I was inspired by the sense and the element of strength and fire, so I knew I wanted the color and crystal to empower that.         

5. What is the most challenging thing you’ve gone through personally or in business and how did you come out on top?  

Oh gosh, I’ve come through a lot in my personal life from being kicked out for sexuality at 17, along with having a really difficult and toxic family when I was younger. Which, has definitely made me a super strong human today. Having a thick skin allows me to express myself the way I want to and express my love of makeup rather happily in public. I also find myself inspire by others knowing that I’ve helped them or inspired them so that helps me come out on top. From having a difficult childhood it’s helped me just love life and see the positive outlook.

However, when it comes to my business, I again feel like the most challenging thing is to try not compare yourself to other brands which are sometimes really hard. But, I’ve learned that good things take time and if it was easy everyone would do it.

Huge thanks to Ryan for being part of this months S + B Spotlight, showcasing those who are bringing a modern flavor to spirituality and thereby making a holistic life more accessible!

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