October 24, 2018

Full Moon Taurus | Establishing Roots




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The full moon peaking in Taurus today signifies a powerful drawing together of energy. An opportunity for grounding and establishing roots in our life. It’s a solid energy that implores us to get real about the growth around and within us.


Full Moon Meaning

The full moon is a time of culmination, completion, achievement and ending. It’s all the pieces of the puzzle coming together to bring something full circle. If you have been working towards something or started something at the new moon, then the full moon represents the opportunity to bring the energy together for culmination.


Taurus energy

For all the water in my Pisces Sun Sign I am a lover of Taurus energy. Its Earthy, grounded, stable and luxurious. Taurus is about predictability, the known. They like routine and seldom invite change into their lives. They abhor debt and spending on bullshit that doesn’t matter preferring instead to invest in those things worth the expense. They love the finer things, an off shoot of being ruled by Venus. They will need a crowbar to open their wallets most days but will gladly put down money on 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets or a lavish meal at the latest and most popular restaurant in town.   

This is because Taurus understands the value of a thing. And not all things hold the same value. Unlike those who jump on every fashion trend and end up with a depleted wallet and an overflowing closet full of shit they will not wear but for a single season, Taurus understands that it’s better to invest in quality, timeless pieces that will last through the ages.


How this energy impacts us

Taurus energy encourages us to make a thing a thing. It’s a stable, fixed energy which means that anything that comes about during this full moon is not likely to leave. Taurus sticks to you like glue. They say in relationships LONNNNG past their expiration simply to avoid the massive shift of routine the change would require. Be it jobs, habits, relationships, once a Taurean commits you can’t pay them to uncommit. This means that anything you manifest, make happen to put your energy towards in your life will have some serious staying power.

Additionally, Taurus is all about fiscal responsibility. At their core, Taurus craves the security that money brings to the journey. No, money cannot fix everything but it’s a pretty damn good means of taking care of most our problems. I’m not one to tout the “money is just green energy” spiritual woo-woo bullshit. Our system of money is debt based and icky. It’s about keeping some down while elevating others. BUT its presently the system we have, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t actively seek to be adept at the system in place because I have been broke and I’ve had money and one path was infinitely more joyful and abundant (in the things beyond money) than the other.

Taurus expects us to do the inventory and to honestly look at the state of our financial affairs. To get things in order and put together a plan to take care of debt. To ask ourselves (and answer honestly) if we are spending faster and more than we are making. To consider how often we make financial choices based on what we think or assume we can make rather than what we truly have in our account.


Watch for stubbornness  

Taurus is nothing if not stubborn and, at times, obstinate. All the feels tend to come out at the full moon and having just entered Scorpio season we are all a bit raw to the touch. Be mindful in your interactions. Not only are we going to be quick to react rather than respond, we may “stick to our guns” long past is needed and be unwilling to compromise on account of Taurus’ “I’m not changing, YOU change” energy.

Remember that Taurus energy helps us to give roots to anything we direct this energy to. What roots receive this nourishment is entirely up to us. Do we feed toxicity, stubbornness and resentment?

Or will we feed opportunity, stability and possibility?

The choice is ours.  

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