June 28, 2018

Capricorn Full Moon | A Transmission of Hard Work And Hope




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Hail and welcome our sweet Strawberry Full Moon! As the orb of the night rises and swells against the dark sky we find ourselves with arms outstretched, prepared to break through barriers and open to our highest. 

Your transmission is below. A direct channeling from spirit this is a message to take in slowly, savoring each word. Allowing the wisdom from beyond the veil to seep into our being and make home within our flesh. 

Now is when you assess. You take in your surroundings. You break apart structures that limit you while respecting that some structures are limiting for a reason. Its this precious balance of understanding your limits and yet being able to surpass them that rings loudest during this transit. This feeling that you are opening and making headway even as you realize that some structures are not meant to budge under even your most unrelenting pressure. 

There is something otherworldly about Capricorn. Though much emphasis is placed on their serious nature, Capricorns tendency towards structure and dedication to the task, its their bravery that is most striking. 

After-all it takes great resolve to abide by rules and yet know when they do not apply to you. It takes great courage to step out on a near shear cliff and make your way, perilously, to your destination. Its Capricorns stability of mind and integrity that deserve your attention with this Full Moon. A reminder that you all have something to gain from the structures in this life. That they teach you something about the limits you face and when you need to stretch beyond them. 

You have something you are working towards. You have something you want to build and its going to take work. Today the foundation is laid. Today, step by step, each and everyone of you possesses the capacity to forge the path ahead. You needn’t wait for someone else to forge it for us. You do not replicate that which others do. You invent a path of your own making. 

You accept the challenges that are ahead. This energy helps you to understand that nothing comes without a little (ok, sometimes a lot) of elbow grease. You shift your perspective from seeing challenges as events to avoid or manipulate and instead welcome the medicine they offer because its all part of the process. The sweet and the sour. The easy and the hard. The cleared path and untrodden wilderness.  

And the bravery you have within-to abide the parameters even as you test their true location and dare to step out onto the ledge, its going to serve you quite well. It will prove the motivation when you want to quit. It will show you hope when before you saw only desolation. It will feed you after you’ve sought and not found sustenance. The year has already started to wane, can you feel it? Even as the warm Sun beats down, do you feel its loosening grip upon the Earth? The last vibrant sighs of all of life around you before another cold period of inward retreat? 

What will the rest of your year look like? How many more days will you sit in want? How much longer will you wait for things to be “just so”. How much more life will pass you by before you grab these moments of time and use them wisely?

Lay the foundation. Brick by brick by brick. Create the small goals that lead to the larger goals. Create the destiny you’ve long pined for and stop the aimless seeking of that which you already hold within you. You are the creator and the destroyer. Shattering anything within or without that has been allowed to stand in your way whilst creating that which you’ve thus far only dreamed of. 

And its going to be absolutely breathtaking…..

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