April 2, 2018

Full Moon Libra: Emotional Balance




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The Full Blue Moon in Libra on the 31st is an opportunity for digging into our feelings. To explore where the arrow of our emotions points. To what they are trying to tell us. The emphasis is on balance. How we manage our day to day. How we manage our relationship with others. How we hold space for ourselves even amongst the bustle of our lives. We are looking at the space between us and all the other shit that fills our lives. We are now looking closely at what matters and what is petty and needs to be released. Freeing that space for something more important. 

When we are off balance we find ourselves easily leaning into anxiety, overwhelm and freneticism. We struggle with holding our boundaries and easily give everything we have, and even some of what we do not, to anyone who comes calling. We are stifled in our capacity to receive, to create. 

When in the flow of equity, however, we find we are tapped into the very essential essence of the present moment. To our connection with this experience and both our inner and outer world. We find that we do not need to be controlled by our emotions and nor do we cling to outdated narratives that wreak havoc across our lives. 

As the energy of this lunar transit unfolds in the coming 2 weeks we learn that balance is not a destination but an ever unfolding process. It is learning to work with the changing tides rather than cling to our life raft. And its in this total receptivity and adaptability that we foster the deepest awareness. 

The awareness that the expansion blooming for each and everyone of us only comes if we tend to the seeds planted now. The seeds that will be the very vegetation which sustains and nourishes us in the coming 6 months. These are the seeds of awareness. Awareness of our relationship to balance. Of our relationship to ourself. Our relationship to what matters and what doesn’t.

There is much which is changing. The person looking back at you in the mirror today is going to be a stranger by this time 6 months from now. Each and every one of us holds massive potential in the great unfolding taking place but it does come at a cost. A sacrifice of all that does not serve. That holds us back. That inhibits our ability to connect with what truly is aligned.

And its here, in this honest awareness that we find the very essence of balance. The essence that allows us to receive both the width and the length of this experience.  


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