January 18, 2018





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The Fool is an energy of impulsivity and wide-eyed possibility. The Fool doesn’t follow someone else’s rule book. Nope, he abides only by his own creed. He listens only to what his heart tells him is possible and this can serve him sometimes and also cause him some trouble at other times.

The Fool is willing to travel right up to that edge and leap, regardless of whether there is a net below. His optimism and hope surpass any consideration of limitation.

I embodied the Fool’s energy when I decided to move to Salem, Mass. Unlike most people who would take their time, research property and schools I knew I had to just get there. So, the next morning I went to the U-Haul office, grabbed myself a nice big ol’ truck and trailer and proceeded to load up all of mine and my son’s items into the back. I rolled my car up on the dolly and off we went.

I called my girlfriend while we were on our way through Canada (it was a wee short cut I desperately needed being as I was traveling with a little one) and told her my plan. She immediately got off the phone and started emailing and calling properties for rent that she found Craigslist.

By the time I rolled into town I had received a call from her telling me where to go to meet my new potential landlords and have a walk through. I walked through the front door, saw the kitchen and the downstairs office and told them I would take it. It had an upstairs but I didn’t even bother to look. I knew this was the place.

I was 26 years old when I made that move. I was broken hearted after my now husband and I had parted ways again and I was ready for a change. I wasn’t going to wait. I wasn’t going to talk myself out of it and even though the almost 37-year-old me looks back at that and shudders a little with anxiety, the 26-year-old me was just ready to make it happen.

I knew that it was all going to work out. I didn’t question anything. Not moving out of my home state of Michigan for the first time. Not making such a large and impulsive move with my 4-year-old son. Not whether I would even be able to afford living out in Salem (which isn’t cheap, folks. It’s not Boston expensive but it sure as shit isn’t cheap) when I was only about a year into my own business.

But everything did work out. I loved my home and within two months had decorated it to my liking. My son had a unique and large room he could play in. He had a yard that was fenced in and allowed us to get a dog (who is still holding on for dear life, my little Rosie!) and I had a huge office right downstairs so I could do my work and still keep my ears and eyes on my son as he played. His kindergarten that he started shortly after we moved in was a stone’s throw from our home. We lived in a picturesque neighborhood in Salem centrally located and I still miss it to this day though I love the life we’ve built here in Colorado.

The Fools energy served me well that time. It was precisely the push I needed to make the major life change I was craving. I felt invigorated and inspired that I could make it happen and it taught me that belief does have a strong impact on manifesting. I believed I could do it. I believed I was worthy of doing it. And so, I did.

The Fool is not always the right medicine but when it is you know it. You can feel it in your bones. It doesn’t mean you’re not nervous or scared. It just simply means you choose to move through those feelings because you know this is the right options for you.



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