January 20, 2018

Raising Powerful Manifestors




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Watching my two youngest is the ultimate lesson in manifesting. They are hopeful, full of imagination, authentically themselves and completely untethered by societal expectations. They believe in themselves, which from what I have learned from my many years as both a student and teacher of manifesting is the ultimate secret sauce.

See children are natural manifestors. They come into this world without any programming or disbelief. They embody the Fool’s energy so innately and this is part of their magic. They believe anything is possible and therefore they make everything possible.

To nurture this, children need the freedom to expand beyond their box and we can provide them this by never putting them in one to begin with. This means as parents and caretakers we must be willing to do the work on ourselves so we are not projecting our own issues, labels and perceived limitations upon them.

Additionally, we need to nurture our children in their authentic wholeness. When I was young the things I found thrilling and interesting were not valued by my parents. They had an idea of what I should do and I had another. Their shame around what I chose to do which differed greatly from their hopes for me caused many subconscious blocks to my capacity to manifest. It fostered instead a codependency wherein I began to do the things they often encouraged even though they did not feel authentic.

I wanted their praise. Their attention. And instead of nurturing my evolution into my authentic wholeness I was instead living out their projections. Instead of feeling confident and good about the path I chose for myself, for many years I wrestled with shame that it was not a “typical” career.

This is not to shade my parents-they did the best with what they had and meant well. There were a great many aspects of their parentage that served me well and I have learned to not judge but rather accept and appreciate.

But as a mother I am acutely aware of how what I say, praise and suggest impacts my children and their actions. When they have a curiosity, no matter how out there it may seem, we nurture it. We give them the chance to try it out. My daughter, Zellamoon wanted to participate in a kid’s triathlon that included competitive swimming (in the 12ft section which she had yet to get to in her swim lessons), running and biking. Did I mention that she was 6 at the time? We were petrified to see her jump in the deep end and both my husband and I were on the ready to jump in if she started to struggle. But we kept it to ourselves and put on a smile and told her how she could do it. We told her we believed in her. And it turns out we didn’t need to jump in and save her.

She made it. Through the entire thing, she made it and didn’t pause, rest or give up. She kept telling herself she could do it and before long she did. My other daughter, Artemis wanted to learn rock climbing (she just turned 3 on Halloween, these two stories should give you an idea of the adventurous spirits our children have) and so we took her to the rec center for a lesson. Zella wants to try fencing and piano lessons next so we are on the hunt for lessons to expose her to them as I type.

The point of this is that Justin and I as parents had to be careful to not project our insecurities and fears or perceptions around what they “should” be interested in (or what we want them to be interested in) and instead allow them to follow their curiosity.

Even those things that we may not be able to provide them with in experience we can expose them to in learning. We’ve watched videos, documentaries, read books and sat around a table as our elders shared their stories. Whether its experience or learning what is important is that we teach our children to retain their sense of limitlessness and curiosity. And to know that regardless of what they choose to do with their lives they will be loved and accepted for it.

This breeds high self-worth and confidence. It breeds belief in the self.
Both of which are absolutely essential for becoming effective and powerful manifestors.

So many of my clients are men and women who are coming out from under the weight of years of limiting believes and low self-worth. We as caretakers can prevent the children who are important to us, be them our own or those we love as our own, from having to do the same. By tending to their gentle spirit now we ensure a lifetime of possibility to fully evolve, embrace and enjoy their capacity as natural manifestors.



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