January 31, 2018

January Lunar Eclipse-Portals of Freedom And Discovery




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Today we open to freedom. We open to new beginnings that take into account exactly what we need to feel a sense of spaciousness in our lives. 

There is a paradox created when you consider how this portal is opening up freedom in the form of both space to roam and deeper, more defined, boundaries. How do we reconcile the two polarities in our lives? 

This rarified transit reminds us that freedom sometimes comes when we buckle down. When we take the chance on ourselves to honor what serves us and to say no to what does not. Our personal relationships especially are aspected under this transit and we are asked to step into our power in the most gentle and yet most meaningful ways. 

We feel an opening taking place within as we become acutely aware of what we need to feel safe. To feel at home. To feel at peace in this body, this mind and this experience. Its a vulnerable place. A place where we will need to practice the softest touch. To soothe the resistance that may arise as we seek out those things that we know we need. 

Because sometimes even admitting we need anything other than ourselves is a very difficult task. 

But as we slip into this admission we discover that we need not strong winds but gentle breezes to bring rapid shifts in our lives. We discover that when we stand in awareness of what we need we naturally open to those who are willing to provide that. And even though this also brings awareness of those who may not be able to meet us on the level we need we can welcome the honesty that comes from this heartfelt presence. 

Because freedom is not just being able to do what we want, when we want. Its not just resources that allow us access to the jet set. Its the presence we afford those in our lives and the presence they show us in return. Its the presence we provide ourselves. And its the willingness to create the space for giving what is needed in all situations to the best of our ability. Even if that means we soon observe their journey from afar. 

There is such a fire burning in the energy of 2018. We are seeing it on a grand scale across the world-in our politics, in Mother Nature. We are experiencing it within our own hearts as we open to one awakening after another. 

We know there is great work to be done. That we are here to do great things. And there is an awareness that none of this happens unless we are willing to claim what is ours. Potential is just potential until its realized. 



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