January 2, 2018

Cancer Full Moon: Finding True Security




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2018, proving that it means business, started with a Full Super Moon in Cancer. Such a beautiful way to herald in the new year, is it not? This idea that all things are coming to completion, that there is a closing of a chapter that asks us to evaluate these concepts within our own lives. What had we clung to even as the minutes ticked down to the close of 2017? Surely some of us even woke Monday with more that we had held onto then we perhaps realized.

A full moon in Cancer is a reminder of the emotional depths within which our attachments are rooted. We are feeling our hearts stretching wide open both to release what we must say goodbye to but also receive the goodness around us. There is a sense of sentimentality centered around the changing landscape. New year’s always present this portal through which we are opening to a changing tide. Though in truth nothing has really changed there is an awareness that everything has changed. To add to this the culmination of the Full Moon encouraging us to release and close chapters within our life we feel even more raw and expose to a changing landscape.

And if there is anything that a Cancer energy imparts it’s a need for home. A need for security.

And when everything is changing around us finding a sense of security is difficult. We can feel alone and adrift when the land beneath us is changing. When we are saying goodbye to that which once supported us or walking into new terrain that feels foreign. We are tested in our capacity to adapt and find home wherever our hearts are. To create a new security, one which is predicated on new principals and intentions. And that is what this year is all about.

We must learn to expand into our being and feel into the richness around us so that we can feel stable even if we are standing upon quicksand. Because the true belonging, the truest stability is not really about what is beyond us. It’s not our homes, our jobs, our relationships. Its within. It’s that haven found only in our hearts and our ability, our capacity to accept our self.

With this transit is an increase to our capacity to receive. Let’s talk first about intuition.

Cancer is a highly intuitive energy and imparts the same to us as we enter the two-week portal of this transit that allows us to craft our new year with an intuitive clarity. We start the month in a highly evaluative energy. We feel intuitively drawn towards some people, some relationships, some behaviors and repelled against others. We are becoming acutely aware of what we are prepared to receive and what we will rebel against. The second half of this month will drift into an energy that propels us into action. That requires we be willing to take the steps towards actualizing our vision. It will keep us trained very heavily on both actions that allow us to receive and those actions which serve more as a cleansing of that which must go.

Each is powerful, each is rooted in the very two-week portal that this full moon opened. We are to listen to our intuition. We are to trust the messages of spirit and to seek these out whenever possible.

While there is such a “go-go-go!” component to the days following a transition into a new year this is actually not the energy I would embody in these first 14 days. Instead I would use this time for solidifying the spiritual practice that will assist you in receiving the messages coming your way intuitively and from Great Spirit. There is much to learn and if we occupy our every moment and proceed with tunnel vision we will oft miss these valuable transmissions.

Spend ample time in meditation because silence is when we are most receptive.

I am over the notion that meditation is a dirty word. The fact is its one of the simplest and most powerful means through which we can radicalize our entire being. It can do everything from helping us to look, feel and act younger to enriching our lives, businesses, pocketbook and relationships. The benefits of meditation are endless and so are the erroneous perceptions around what is and is not meditation.

The truth is meditation is how you define it. For some its chanting or drumming for an hour. For others, its silence at a retreat. For some, such as actor Michael Fassbender, it’s something more active like go-carting. Even if you sit in a chair, crochet a blanket, or drift off in fantasy in the checkout lane at your grocers, it’s all meditation. Whatever helps you find calm and center yourself is meditation. And if you can breathe, you can meditate.

And right now, finding this center, finding this true north that meditation provides us all is paramount. It is how we will receive the intuitive messages enroute to us and it is how we will cultivate the security and sense of belonging that this full moon is encouraging us to find within.

The second capacity to receive that is part of this portal is in the love and support that is within and around us at all times. With so much changing, with so much unearthing and releasing we will need support more than ever before. We are uprooting many of the foundational structures in our lives and with that comes the need to be open to receiving the assistance and nurturing that we can provide ourselves and that others who love us will want to provide us with as well.

Now is the time to put into action a sacred self-care practice which will help you nurture the self.

This could center on diet, exercise, meditation, or even taking a bath once a week where you turn out the lights, light a few candles, drop some fragrant oils and flowers into the water and sink down deep to find the warmth and support of the water around you. How you define self-care is up to you. What is most important is that you define it. That you ask your spirit what it needs most right now so that you are capable of then making the commitment to providing that.

This is also the time to accept the love that is around you. To not just take it with a casual thank you and then quickly get on with your day or task but to instead bask in the love and support offered from those we love. And to even ask for what you need. It takes bravery. It can feel as though it’s an act of great courage and for some of us it really is, to ask for the help we need. To share how vulnerable, we feel. Or how alone. And to simply ask someone to be there for us. And then receive what they offer.

This is an emotional full moon-oddly enough every time I try to write ‘full moon’ I want to put ‘new moon’ because while there are undertones certainly of full moon energy there is also such a potent understanding of the new beginning before us. One which accompanies every full moon, sure, but feels especially poignant as we celebrate the arrival of 2018 and the blank canvas this year represents.

Happy full moon bb’s!



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