April 12, 2017

Full Moon Libra-The Beauty of Connection




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There is incredible power when we connect. Lives can be changed and lives can be destroyed. And when we are truthful, some connections give us a little bit of both. Our connections also open doors for great personal growth and healing.

April 11th Full Moon in Libra reminds us of both the blessing and curse of our connections. We see the power that we have to change our world through our partnerships while acknowledging how we use this power. We see with great clarity the importance for connection with fairness. With a sense that this is not just for our benefit, if for our benefit at all. We are reminded that sometimes the most profound connection we will make is when we do so without expectation. Even greater is how our connections with others allow us to feel a greater connection with our self. 

The Full Moon in Libra creates spaciousness for us to get on board with what we really want, with what we really need. This requires that we take a look at ourselves in the mirror. Who are we? Does the image we see resonate? Do we feel aligned with the life that we are living and the guiding principals which drive it? In what ways are we perhaps wearing a mask crafted by others? Again the power of connection-how we desire to be seen but also a need to connect directly to ourselves so that we are seen authentically. So that we are loved authentically. Not for what we assume people want or even what we know they want when what they want diametrically opposes what we feel we need. 

Our connections support us-they ground us. They frustrate and sometimes wound us. But there is no greater wound than that which we experience when we allow our connections to shape us to such a degree we lose sight of who we are. Our connections influence us, no doubt. They open our eyes to the world through someone else’s lens. Its a beautiful and sometimes intoxicating experience. When we look into the mirror, however, we must see the image staring back through our own lens. Because when we feel peace with that image others will feel peace with us as well. 

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